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Mary Mad Money

Mary J. Blige arrived at the premiere of the film “Mad Money” last night in California wearing a fit that we know PETA is not feelin. A couple of animals lost their lives for the sake of those boots.

More images from the event:

Queen Latifah Mad MoneyNiecy Nash Mad MoneyJimmy Jean Louis Mad Money

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  • Lady Architect

    a lil too much goin on for me…those jeans are fly though…goodness @jimmy jean…he’s gorgeous

  • Soul Cry

    Queen Latifah looks BEAUTIFUL! Love that dress on her, really compliments her figure.

  • 504 predicts: mo' hate in '08 !


  • kai

    Not the boots, Not the bag..And yes, she is getting Peta mad ..

  • up2nogood

    Not feelin Mary’s style and Queen she looks un-comfortable full as usual.

  • da darkness

    she looks like a man

  • maaly

    shes always on point but im not feeling this fit

  • Harlem Chic

    I love Mary. But I hate when we stan for wearing fur cause I love animals. It looks like she’s telling PETA to kiss where the sun don’t shine.

    Queen Latifah looks stunning in that black dress.

  • athena Free MJB's impersonator

    mjb’s jacket is too small. and queen latifah looks uncomfortable.

  • Marv

    only mary can do it .

  • chaser

    The boots would be cute if they had a stilleto heal and not the doofy platform or wedge. She’s still my girl.

  • Ibn

    WHAT THE this is the worst I ever saw mary look…TWO THUMBS WAY DOWN…she better watch out PETA gonna put a hit out on her ass.

  • NubianGoddez

    What in the Daniel Boone hell kind of boots are those? she always look tacky to me, I just cannot get past that hideous blond wig, that she needed to set on fire like 10 years ago.

    Queen beautiful as ever.

    Niecy not feeling that ugly dress or the Billy Holiday flowers in the hair, she needs to stop with the flowers in the hair. flower and mountains of weave do not mix.

    Jimmy he’s okay.

  • Richard

    A few animals lose their lives every time dinner is served. These nut animal lovers need to zip it.

  • M. DOT

    The fur on the boots is a bit much but she look aight. PETA gonna get her though…lol

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