A Racist Gay? Facebook Owner and Chairman’s Politics Are Suspect

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According to media reports, “Gay” Peter Thiel here is being questioned about his racism. He is an investor in Facebook:

Peter Thiel, early investor of Facebook and co-founder of Paypal, has some explaining to do concerning his controversial politics. Thiel sits on the board of the social networking site, which has grown to become one of the largest multi-cultural sites in the world. His views, however, are far from diverse. More


  • dynasty22

    First! two in one day!

  • sasha


  • Brown Like Viola Davis

    3rd!! SMH

  • ashlie


  • 2dimplzs

    He’s not the first and certainly will not be the last to be a racist – or a homosexual one to boot! He’s just full of foolishness.

  • J. Gily

    I agree with BB Thorton, what a joke!
    smdh seriously though…




  • Jamillah

    How can someone who likes to pack fudge have a problem with the color brown?

  • Divine

    Hmmm…..OK, I hate racist, but what I read to me wasn’t racist per say, I just don’t agree with it. His views on affirmative action and integration another issues are ones I question myself.
    I wonder if the black community itself is better because of it. In some ways yes and some ways no. And I think he is saying that his school is not better for it. He blames integration of minorities.

    I think my black university is “less intelligent” because of allowing less qualified black students to attend college by easing the requirements.

    He has a view that many people in the gay community have whether you know it or not. They compare the Gay Rights struggle to the Civil Rights stuggle. I happen to think they have some similarities, but I think the struggles are different. Many gay activist are very bitter that black and other minorities don’t support them. Especially in states like California. He thinks gays should viewed in the same vein as racial minorities. I disagree with that too.

    So I wouldn’t say he’s racist.

  • Dom

    I am black and I go to Stanford. See the Sh*t I deal with on a daily basis?

  • Caramel Cat (formerly c from stl)

    This is utter bull. I personally know a black woman who graduated from Stanford, went on to get her law degree from Yale, passed the bar with flying colors the first time around and has gotten offers from companies that are willing to pay off the few student loans that she has (because she had scholarships and fellowships) just to have her join their company. I’m not kidding and I’m not lying. This right here proves that only the best and brightest are allowed into those schools regardless of affirmative action. The fact that he referenced the 1920s proves that mentally he’s still back dated in time. I agree with About It’s posts to a degree and I do feel that there is a strong agenda amongst gay yt men.

  • Let's talk truth...

    Interesting article…I would need to really read his book to grasp what he is really trying to say.

    Civil Rights comparison to Gay Rights – thats a fierce topic in itself because that becomes an issue with religion/bible beliefs.

  • Voice of Reason

    Actually, statistics show that (white) homosexuals are more likely to be racist than the general population. It’s sort of like they are so frustrated by homophobia and being attacked for their sexual identity that they turn around and persecute racial minorities.

  • Let's talk truth...

    Oh and I am canceling my paypal account. LOL

  • Caramel Cat (formerly c from stl)


    How can someone who likes to pack fudge have a problem with the color brown?


    DEAD AND GONE….lmao! :)

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