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Kelis First Sunday

Kelis made an appearance at the LA premiere for the movie First Sunday looking awfully soccer mom-ish. She is definitely one of the few people who could pull this one off, if she is pulling it off.

Kelis and Dania Ramirez have been quite close in photographs lately, hmmm. Nas would be a dumbass to turn down that threesome action.

Images from that event:

Kelis Dania First SundayIce Cube First SundayRegina Hall First SundayElise Neal First Sunday

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  • ayannananananana

    wtf is she wearing?

  • Mizz Ga


  • 504 : retire "hate" in '08 !


  • 504 : retire "hate" in '08 !


  • Afiya

    OK REALLY! What’s up with the too small jackets? I saw S. Kingston in a jacket that should have been worn by a 2y/o.

    And why does nothing really match in MsKel’s photo?

  • ayo

    she looks like she usually does, “experimental”

    i like her, watever

    i am much more interested in icecube and his wife KeeNoNo over there

  • so damn cute

    ok this is a hot mess…. i would ask where is her stylist, but she is obviously against having someone help her. nas, please get your wife!!!

  • hoodgirl

    I love it. I’LL rock it.

  • Janelle

    lol@so damn cute…that outfit is atrocious

  • Keisha

    No comment…I just wanted to be in the top 10

  • MissDee

    Hell Naw! what’s up with those Micheal Jackson socks?

  • da darkness

    kelis is soooo cute ;-)

  • Keisha


  • me that's who

    refer to 504’s gravee as to how i feel bout kelis outfit…..

  • chaser

    I don’t have a problem with Kelis’ outfit. It’s the hair that bothers me. Elise Neal and Ice Cube look extra busted! Regina Hall looks gawjusss as usual.

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