Shar’s Advice to Britney

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Shar Jackson wants Britney Spears to get it together:

“I’m just one of those people that believe you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of anybody else. My only advice would be take care of yourself. If you need help for whatever reason, go get it. Do whatever you have to do for those babies.”

Who is she fooling? Of course she would want Britney to get well. A stronger Britney means that K-Fraud has more alimony to take care of her kids.



  • Superstar

    First Biatch

  • miss thang

    That is silly…maybe she just wants that heifa to get better so HER kids won’t have to be associated with their brothers crazy lady ass mama! Remember they are all connected now…

  • Jonesy

    FIRST!!! WOW

  • crazy black lady

    i agree. the more money gets the more money she gets…get paid sista

  • Jonesy


  • NubianGoddez

    Coon of the day!!

  • It'sREALLYme

    WHAT?!?! Thanks Shar. I’m sure Britney wrote down everything YOU said.

  • Jay

    EXACTLY THE CASE… The more He get’s the more she gets… sit back Shar and enjoy the ride.

  • imrightdammit

    Shar is the LAST person that should be giving advice to ANYONE about ANYTHING. She just needs to practice keeping those legs closed and get a birth control patch.

  • getyourhandouttamypocket


    COSIGN–I was just about to write the same thing before I read your comment

  • Aoki Lee

    Shar is 100% correct. Britney stole K-Fed while Shar was pregnant & Britney that skank was NOT worried about Shar’s health!

    Eff Britney that witch deserves every hard luck moment she’s living! My only sorrow is for her otherwise adorable little boys

  • weezy

    How old is she? I heard she has like 4 kids

  • V

    Why are people even reaching out to B. Spears? She needs to be left alone. When you’re that far gone the only person that can help you is you or damn near death.

    Shar needs to mind her business because her & nasty have something bad in common, K. Federline. She isn’t too far from Britney on a good day because they both fell in love with and had ‘chirren’ for a loser. How dumb is she to take her time & energy have that shirt made & then wear it? She’s probably obsessed with her and tipping off the paps & photogs.

    They are all some losers riding the Britney money train and they all better wish her well before it begans to run out.

    She makes an estimated $700K a month…how long will it be before those checks stop rolling in. She has a lot of liabilities & it’s sad how she just wrecks & changes those cars. (SMH)

    She’s stupid, Kevin is retarded & Shar is slow.

    *The blind leading the blind.

  • Aoki Lee

    Stop coming down on Shar her only mistake was trusting an un trustworthy man! K-Fed flew the coop & broke out with Britney cuz Britney had loot that’s all.

    Britney is stinky trash & she set out to hurt shar with no remorse!!

  • V

    She should change her name to Shar Spears, lol.

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