Nicole Ritchie Gives Birth

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Nicole Ritchie gave birth to a daughter named Harlow Winter last night. What an obvious choice for a name. Whenever she calls the baby, she’ll think about “snow”.


  • Coa Coa

    1st…. congrats 2 nicole!!!

  • Ms Sharmaine

    All I can say is I hope the baby is healthy. Hopefully this broad will not be the next Mommy Britany. The world does not need another crazy b**ch raising an innocent child.

    Ms Sharmaine

  • Marv

    poor baby

  • BellaY

    That picture is in really bad taste. From what I’ve been seeing and reading, it looks like this baby may have saved Nicole’s life because she was on a path to nowhere. I wish she and Joel all the best with their new family and their Madden Richie Foundation!

  • memchee

    lol…….congrats to Nicole & family!

    I still think she’s the only one outta that whole clique that has an ounce of common sense.

  • astralgirl01

    Best wishes to Nicole, and I hope that she and her baby are happy and healthy. Nothing but positive thoughts to her and her family right now….

  • Japan

    Damn, you didnt have to post this pic of her to announce her baby. Would you post pics of Mary J Blige doing drugs if she had a baby? You are rude, I think I wont be back!!!

  • Gurrrrllll Stop playin!!!!

    What the heck is she doing in that pic? LOL….



    This woman has given birth to her first child, and you are displaying a picture fro 3-4Years ago, having fun and doing her thang in the club.

    BLACK PEOPLE SMOKE WEED, AND hollyweirders do coke…who cares? Is she parading around, advertising….

    CONGRATS NIKKI…and do whatever yu gotta do so that this little girl sees mommy as a role model and doesn’t repreat your mistakes…

  • Ms Sharmaine

    The picture posted of Nicole Richie is what it is!!!!!! I don’t see the problem with the pic besides she was or is a drug addict. Regardless if people smoke weed in their personal lives or do coke they are not plastered all over magazines and television like this chick. Nicole wanted to be a celebrity and she is paying the price.

  • aubrey

    I really like this site, but am a little offended by the picture and comment you have posted! I find it very disrespectfull of you, especially during such a wonderfull time in her life! I’m sure she doesnt need to be reminded of her past during the birth of her angel, she has overcome many obstacle’s in her life to become a mature Mother.Please show a little respect!!

  • Lauren

    @ Cree- I agree with you….its not that serious lighten up :)

  • Moreaces

    I agree with another poster, Very wrong indeed to post that pic, announcing she had her child. At any rate, Best of wishes Nichole, I know this baby is going to grow you up, Have a wonder full life with your baby and Joel

  • Moreaces

    @ Kai, I guess SOME people just don’t have any tact or class, huh

  • Bronx Brawler

    DJ AM was saying that he was still slaying Nicole faithfully too. Do I see Maury Povich getting a phone call?

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