Question of the Day: Best and Worst Cities for Black Love?

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Does where you live impact your love life? We have heard and been witness to so many single black women and men complaining about the lack of decent dates out there which made us wonder if there were certain parts of the country where black love still reigned supreme? Where does your city fall on the black love meter?


  • Danibaje


  • sepiaesthetica


  • sepiaesthetica

    New York! Tons of good-looking Black folks.

  • LIMA

    Here in Louisiana there arent many good the mojority are in jail or prisoned.The down low situation is like a plague.Believe it or not most here have attitudes

  • DICooper

    New Orleans for those Creole girls
    New York City

  • LOON(i'm done LOL)

    if any chic ansewrs this question today, then she is a bitter black ghetto b*tch. end of story. get a life.

  • Blue Topaz

    Heather already mentioned Chicago, and I have to agree. Chicago is not doing that well in the Black Love department.

    It’s a combination of WAY to many things to actually post.

  • LOON(i'm done LOL)


  • Blue Topaz


    Really?!?! Just automatically categorize people without actually reading the responses?!?!


  • CattyBitch

    I live in Cali and it seems like everyone here dates interracially. You’ll see a lot of black guys with white/latina/asian chicks, but you’ll also see tons of black women dating latino/white guys so no ones getting the short end of the stick. It’s all good.

  • bobbi

    if you’re a hetero black (professional) female living in NJ, you’re azzed out. the professional black males here are NOT interested in professional black women. white and hispanic appears to be their choice. of course, this is all just my opinion.

  • Dawud Adib

    I have been able to find love all over. It’s all about your game

  • 2am

    It aint Chi-Town. No West Side or South Side love, here.

  • LOON(i'm done LOL)

    @blue topaz
    NO, i am tired of black women coming in here and bashing the brothers and calling us gay, running to white female, and blah blah. IT’S ANNOYING.maybe the problem is YOU.

  • mrvegas

    Vegas is bad for black love. Too many golddiggers, chicks with lots of kids (3 plus), or don’t date black men. Sistas we love you, don’t give up on us we haven’t given up on u.

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