Your Afternoon Crotch Shot

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Here’s a nice little snack to hold you over until lunch: Lil Kim’s Crotch. Save it. Print it. Have Fun.


  • hank

    that crotch look juicy as hell

  • Black Fitness Queen

    What the hell?? Was that from a shoe camera???

    Dirty tactics!!


    She is a mess

  • Becky

    eeeeewww that is gross! so so fug! Why am I not surprised at another talentless “ho” (as you call them) being so nasty and over exposed? Even if the paparazzi bent down to see her nasty hooo-hah.She is not even a good singer apart from that one good song, Family Affair.

  • Black Fitness Queen

    A sista can’t even wear a skirt and be safe anymore….

  • 1st OF ALL...

    she’s not hot shes more like snot…nasty ass

  • Becky

    hank you are trash. jus like most pervy street men

  • Black Fitness Queen

    …if you can call that a skirt…

    more like a long ass shirt…

  • Got Dollars?

    she looks like she got a thick ass snatch. and them ass cheeks is juicy.thats why i love sisters

  • im so pretty


  • James

    why does she have to be nasty and all those other connotations. Obviously the person hat took the pick went out there way to take it, like a previous poster said, that must have been a shoe camera or something, who would let a camera man look upside their skirt, well, then again…

  • Strong Black Man

    lol looks like a glass bottle of root beer exploded in the refrigerator

  • tlatrice

    OK, the dress is a bit too short, but…

    She’s clearly not posing for this pic. What about the loser that thought it was cool for them to take this picture? How about holding THOSE kind of people accountable as well for a change???

  • The Beatniks Celebrity Gossip

    Well that just REALLY REALLY enriched my day……

  • NoWAY

    I hope the a-hole who took that picture knows he is a predator and I hope they get arrested and put on the sex offender’s registry. Even though she is a ho.

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