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Wesley Snipes held vigil with several Black church leaders today before he arrived at court for jury selection in his tax evasion case. The idea of a predominately white jury sent him to the church. Thats right Wesley, call on the Lord. You are going to need a miracle to pull you out of this.



  • Dalia (Take That Pic Of Lil Kim Down!)

    I bet he wasn’t calling on him while he was spending his money.

    Black people need to quit.

  • Curly Fries


  • Pastor Manning's Hairline

    Now he needs Jesus…

  • Curly Fries

    Oh, now he wants to be amongst the Black community? Not only does he need Jesus, Jesus needs to take the wheel!

  • Pastor Manning's Hairline

    I just wanna know why nobody ain’t been checking for me since I been gone?

  • boginja

    why is he afraid a white jury……..doesn’t he prefer white girls? that should help him

  • boginja

    why is he afraid of a white jury……..doesn’t he prefer white girls? that should help him

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    And why did I think he was Buddhist or one of those Asian religions? Hmmm, must be the martial arts or his choice in women. Somehow, I don’t see him at home in a black church….surrounded by all those sistahs that he loves so much *heavy sarcasm*

  • Strong Black Man

    Ooooh! daring me girl, look at you!

    Comin on the block lookin fresh and brand new

    Ooooh! headwrap cover your hairdo

    Pretty feet peekin through open-toed shoe

    Ooooh! no limit to what I would do

    Make love to you like long interview

    Whooh! is she for real, me like you

    Good look champion, win the title

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    They always try to come back… when they need us cause yt definitly ain’t gonna help.

    And callin’ on the lord too…. that’s right!!!!

  • Miss Thang

    These black male celebrities make me sick. First, Wesley is a Buddhist. So, why is he going to a black church for prayer. Shouldn’t he be talking to a monk. Secondly, what has he done for the black community? Thirdly, he has insulted black women in every interview. Why can’t he go to his white and asian friends. He married an Asian woman. Can’t she pull out some kind of prayer for him.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Thanks for corroborating Miss Thang…I thought he was down with Asian religions. Anyhoo, I don’t like him because he is known for disparaging remarks about black females in interviews and trying to justify why he’s into Asian chicks. He’s an egotistical, chauvanistic a-hole who can only relate to a subservient woman who will bow to him. Go to your Buddhist temple, leave some fruit, flowers and incense, chant, ding your bell and GTFOH.

  • Luvlee87

    I knew he would call on Jesus! He’s the only one that can help him now.

  • whatitis

    Oh now he loves black people after he dissed black women AND said most black people in Hollywood can’t act. LEASE

  • 32intheLOU

    Stop hating on Wesley yall, keep your head up brotha and i hope all goes well!! sista’s be hatin!

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