Fill in The Blank: Rihanna Getting Tatted

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Here is Rihanna getting tatted up last night in LA with her friend.

Fill in The Blank: What people probably don’t know about Rihanna is ________.



  • and another one.......

    1st – that she is pregnant with a baby camel (along with b)

  • sweettee215

    2nd!!!!! LOL @ and another one. I hope not.

  • Mo'Ree

    that she pays these photographers very well to follow her around all the time


    rephrase it to what rihanna doesnt know about rihanna : no one cares about her staged papparazzi photos

  • hot boi

    Rhi is a dyke, im guessing, but i know she needs to get more affirmative action so here is a start

  • hot boi

    her forehead so bbbiiiigggg, no enormous


    the pay the papparazzi fund that jay z sponsored is almost dry

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    I don’t know what ppl don’t know about her cause I don’t gives a fcc!

  • DarkNKovely

    Who really cares about Rhianna?? Why do ya’ll always talk about her?

  • John

    She don’t need no tattoos!!!

  • L.A 2 N.YC

    She’s a muff diver and that is really Big Liz (after plastic surgery)from Rap City back in the day.

  • leave it be

    she is really working on her photo album isnt she? its like the whole world is her personal myspage page…..

  • DR. FUNK

    Tatting is DUMB RiRi…please stop.I’m kinda’ feelin’ that dyke she’s hangin’ with.Hope they’re both bi.Sure would’nt mind being the pool boy at that house.;->

  • kturbo

    Don’t ever put a tattoo on that beautiful skin

  • bink

    what they don’t know is she went “bad” a long time ago. So where’s the tat?

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