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Steve Harvey bald

Steve Harvey is on the cover of the recent Jet magazine sportin a new look. Damn, we never thought he would get rid of that little eraser shaped afro thing he had going on for years.

Here he is trying to get his over-the-hill swag back:

Steve Harvey bald 3Steve Harvey bald 1Steve Harvey bald 2


  • Kdogg

    The Helmet-Fro is gone!

  • da darkness

    martin lawrence, enough said

  • Lauren

    He looks like a cancer patient

  • Bankable P

    LMAO!!! I’m not seeing the “over 50” flyness in those photos.

  • Yes I Said it and I Meant it Too

    Nice cover. Get it Mr. 50 and Fit!


    SH never will be a sex icon…that sh*t is dead.

  • The One

    Those pics are funny as hell. Give it up Steve.

  • UMKC11

    Man he is tryin to get his ving rhames on.. even with the hair cut, his teeth did not get any smaller… the black looks nicer than some of the southern baptist shiny suits he has been in a couple of times… o yea, i’m third…

  • Tanzania

    I think he looks good to be 50 do the damn thing Mr. Harvey

  • da darkness

    peep the huge pink bottom lip

  • Baby Please

    It’s about time… though I don’t like the baldie; but still; at least it’s something new.

  • Southern Belle 225

    go head Steve!

  • AND...

    I like it.

  • My Opinion--OK?

    He isn’t funny as a comedian, but he sure looks funny without his TOUPE. He needs to go back and tape that toupe on to his “NEYO” looking head. Steve Harvey gets no respect because he isn’t funny for one, he is a dead beat dad, and he is arrogant and rude. His morning radio show is the weakest one out there.

  • Phoebe

    He looks good!

    I am surprised he let that wig go.

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