Bugs Monkey Gets a New Grill

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50 Cents New Grill

50 Cent has stepped up his dental hygiene game. It appears as though he has gotten himself a fresh pair of veneers. Def a good look for Mr. No Cents, but damn, we bet Cam’Ron is mad he can’t call him Bugs Monkey anymore.


  • Damn

    Did he have a gap before? I can’t remember.

  • maky

    still didn’t make much difference. He is still an ape

  • chuchu

    wanted to be firstttttttttttt

  • Almost Famous

    its not a vast improvement but it is an improvement

  • YUP...its all there

    I think he has officially lost all his Street cred!

    so NOT gansta now…lol

  • Damn

    This must be an old pic, you can see the difference in the other photos.

  • chuchu

    i liked his ol look tho!

  • YUP...its all there

    aye, didn’t 50 once dogg lil kim for fixing her nose?

  • cocoa49

    he still has a beautiful smile and i hope he did this for himself and no one else. the man is a total package. damn!!

  • http://www.idontgivearatsass.com Bahama Mama

    uh, he’s still not attractive…veneers and all..lol where’s lloyd banks?

  • YUP...you got my attention

    well, 50 i ain’t hatin do ya thing homie.

    p.s. hit the studio and drop something new soon please.

  • imsounique

    This improvement was well overdue. I’m not a fan but he does look better. I always hated that bugs bunny look. He’s still a dickhead.

  • closetcolumnist

    i vote yes

  • Ara

    @ Yup…its all there all gansta get you is….DEAD it’s only a matter of time. Instead of street cred now he has American Express cred and more.

  • YUP...you got my attention


    what idiocraties that George Bush uses? ad the “uhh’s” and “hell’s”

    If we can have a complete idiot like George W Bush.

    i am sure Obama can use yo. and plus white people use “yo” alot too.

    I would rather have a prez that is youthful and in touch with younger as well as older generation than some stuffy old ignorant hillbilly

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