Angela & Vanessa Simmons Throw the First Pitch for the Dodgers Game

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Designers Vanessa Simmons (L) and Angela Simmons

Angela and Vanessa Simmons tossed out the first pitch at the L.A. Dodger game over the weekend. First it was Kim K., now the two gorgeous sisters.

Pop the top to see them posturing…

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  • Nigga Said

    After which they smoked a spliff with their lil brother JoJo.

  • mzsweetface

    Those shoes are horrible. But I like the Simmon’s sisters.

  • candy

    Ladies all like to join _____Meet Wealthy com_____. I really do not know why? Just cuz many wealthy men and celebrities there? or the men there are all handsome?

  • Hurdenuf

    All that money and she couldn’t get a better weave SMH.

  • tb

    Vanessa (on the right, with leg up) is so ugly…I know she just hates Angela (on the left) for getting all the looks oin the family. SMH

  • Christmas Jones

    Whoo look at all that fake hair.

  • O, NO YOU DIDN'T!!!!!!!

    @ Hurdenuf
    Dido! The Simmon’s Sisters just dropped down a notch in my book because they knew they were wrong for Rocking those NAPPY NAPPY TRACKS to a public event!!! Them thangs look like the $8 per pack Synthetic hair you’d get at the Beauty Supply store. All that money they make at Pastry that should at least be rocking some $100 and up per pack Remy! Shame Shame Shame!

  • Gloks Sugar Plum

    I HATE PASTRY SHOES….but the girls are hot

  • Bombay3000

    Ok….This is not a good look….And I will leave it as that.

  • white male

    first kim and now these girls, apparently anyone can throw out the first pitch, danger from ray j’s hoes should throw out the next first pitch.

  • Lacey

    These girls are like a breath of fresh air. If you young girls want to emulate anyone, it should be the Simmons girls.

  • Tee

    Look at all that hair !

  • B.I.N.F.L...


  • Divine

    They are the Anti-Kardashians…..

  • melo

    Angela Simmons and gorgeous should not be used in the same sentence. She looks like the cowardly lion from The Wiz…”Put ’em up, put ’em up”.

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