Keyshia Cole Performs National Anthem While TI, Jeezy, and Nelly Onlook

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Keyshia Cole performed the National Anthem at the Hawks vs Cav’s playoff game Sat. Jeezy, Tip, Monica, Polo, and Nelly are just a few of ATL’s finest that made it out. Keyshia was looking rather cute in this fit. It seems the only thing that could of messed up her cuteness is…Frankie or Neffe.

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  • mzsweetface


  • candy

    It was said that she posted her nice profile on a celeb dating site
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  • The kid

    I thought TI was supposed be locked up. Money can just about get you out of anything. STACKS!

  • JB Cougarlicious(R.I.P. cougar's drought!!!)

    I am glad she did a good job.

    Has anyone ever noticed when it comes to big events like this, Frankie and Neffie are never around to embarrass her?

  • LOL!

    ROTF trying not to laugh because it’s so mean @ It seems the only thing that could of messed up her cutenss is…Frankie or Neffe.

    But I can’t help myself!

  • Looking for a special delivery

    she looks cute with her baby teeth lol…..

    anyways I guess they can start your prison sentence without u having to actually serve

    polo da fraud

  • sasha

    I thought TI didnt have to report until after 5/16. Keisha she looks ok, not really crazy bout the look.

  • Atls_Fynest

    Represent for da A.

  • 11:11

    she does look cute~

  • zappy

    Real cute. The boyfriend must be back. Keep it up.

  • the insider

    uhm…. isn’t TI supposed to be in jail????

  • me (the original)®

    I think the better question is: Was Frankie there? If so, were they playing Poison by BBD?

  • mane(I' cogida de d la mierda fuera de Rih' ¡pequeño gatito de s!)

    Thelma! Thelma! Thelma! Is who I see, when I see K. Cole, B. Gibson, “you-got, you-one playa!”

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  • Bombay3000

    K.Cole could honestly replace Rhianna with those Cover Girl commercials…She has a beautiful face… The fit isnt that great but I’ll give her yet another pass.

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