Are You Feelin’ this Get-Up?

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WTF??? Alesha Dixon looks like a broke down NFL cheerleader. We aren’t sure what she was going for with this look. SMH. Pop the top for more



  • Moreaces


  • Proud ArmyWifee


  • Divine

    Who’s Alesha Dixon?
    I can’t keep up with all these pusedo-celebrities…..

  • FEE


  • ATLBlogger

    Yeah, who is she??

  • Divine

    ‘Pop Star’…’UK’….enough said….NEXT –>

  • Let's talk truth...

    UK Pop Star…ROTFLMAO…stay in the UK honey with that outfit.

  • chaka1

    random thoughts…

  • lala

    Slow news day huh?

  • me (the original)®

    Fire your team for letting you go out like that.

  • Nique

    An outfit like that explains why we dont know her here in the U.S….

  • christie's secrets

    Well, most american people dont know nothing about whats going on abroad! its like the world for you is only your damn country! Well, Alesha is an UK pop start, not saying she is that good but sh eis known! With all the musical BS going on in the states, i think its time to start broaden your horizon!

  • christie's secrets

    look at Amy winehouse, duffy, estelle etc…, seems like UK is doing it big! They still like goo dmusic over there and they have good music with substance!

  • Divine

    @christie’s secrets

    I agree…But unless they hit USA, why would we know about them?

    I always said UK artist are more talented than US artist. They have a greater appreciation for the classic soul singers and they seem to have to know how to sing.
    Where is in USA, it’s mostly image.

  • http://bossip hiiii

    stupid arrogant black americans proud themselves with their artists who only use faul langauge and mean nothing but corrupts our kids.America(blacks) should learn from ESTELLE & DUFFY who are bringing back soul music with meaning and feeling.

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