When All Else Fails…

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Aubrey SAS

…Get your breast augmented and take off your shirt. Aubrey O’Day of the one-hit-wonder Making the Band group Danity Kane, poses in some ‘racy’ shots for Travis Barker’s clothing line Stars and Stripes. Nothing pays the bills better than exposing a fake rack, especially since those Danity Kane checks are probably weak as hell.

We wonder how much Diddy paid for those things.

Aubrey SAS2Aubrey SAS3Aubrey SAS4Aubrey SAS5


  • Milio

    When the checks stop coming in…..

  • SoSoDef

    First, boooooooooooo Aubrey. She used to be cute, SMH.

  • kigali

    Travis Barker seems to have a thing for the whole Ho/House wife combination.

  • http://yahoo.com Southern Belle 225

    uh, she looks dirty

  • Lauren

    She looks like a Christina Aguilera REJECT!

  • Lady

    I knew she would be another one to fall victim & get sucked into the celeb image identity crap… Shes officially kicked off my list of celebs that actually catch me interest…..

  • Lady

    @ lauren

    I 2nd that..! lol REJECT

  • Why?

    Stolen Pic from the other side of the fence

  • Lauren

    @ Why?>>>>>What fence are you reffering to? lol


    Uuuuhh… no dear. Pin-up girl you are not. Mens bathroom stall blowjob chick… maybe, but only if you swallow.

  • Mississippi Girl

    She is just so out of control. I really liked her when she was trying to make the band! Now that she has, I cant stand Aubrey. She really cant sing, and she is so wild and out of control!

  • Wondering

    I thought she was Tara Reid. Who directed this photoshoot? The greasy/dirty hot look only works for some, and she is not one of them. This pictures do her no justice. I wish her luck though.

  • British Black girl

    She looks like Christina in the last pic…>!

  • Lady

    lol @ Wenzel Dashington

  • John


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