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  • Stringer Bell

    I’d hit!

  • Lip Chap aka Fuzzy

    She reminds me so much of her mom that ir’s scary. Feeling the chopped up hair do, it fits. I likey likey.

  • Stringer Bell

    Raw too!!

  • trey

    what happen to links?

  • PaigeyWaigey ** BONES JORDAN #1 Ride or Die Chick**


    WTF?! You’ve clearly been hanging around TOO MANY WHITE FOLKS?!?! Sista perms were created for a reason….you don’t have hair like your mama, you need a regular ass hair cut and those edges tended to…You can’t rock white folks hair do’s, it just doesn’t work on black hair, looks like your ass slept too damn close to a metal fan on fullspeed…Get it together and stay off the rocks, cause your hair is making you look like a crack head even if you ain’t one!


    Sista PaigeyWaigey

  • Black Woman

    sweet googly moogly

  • Black Woman

    messy headed ho

  • IMO

    Looks like all those weaves ate up her head.

  • Hollyweird Stuffing

    she is toooooo cute – BUT nothing like her mama at that age – lisa killed it in the 80s, 90s and even now, that girl could beat out all of hollyweird

  • lalalatina

    You know Zoe’s thinking, “I’m just so good looking I can do what ever the eff I want with my hair.” Takes after both parents in that regard.

  • Southern Belle 225

    the hair isn’t that bad. maybe if she put a little more effort into it? I don’t know. But she has a beautiful face.

  • 6 Figgas aka Knotx

    This chick is hella pretty (no comment on the hair) but unless my eyes are playin’ tricks on me, I keep seein’ a 5 o’clock shadow in all her pics. No big deal I guess; nothin’ a dab o’ NEET can’t fix.

    My word, if this chick stayed rock-free, she could easily be cleaned up and wifed. For real.

  • And.....

    Only Zoe Kravitz can pull off hair breakage and chewed-up ends and make it look fashionable. Wow.

  • MissDee

    Just what the f*ck did she do to her hair!?!? Is that a style… or did she just pull a Britney?

  • AND...

    @ so damn cute

    so whether you give a damn about your appearances is genetic? LOL, hmmm that explains a lot.

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