For the Children: TI and Sharpton Head the Anti-Gun Rally

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anti gun3 T.I.Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton, TI, Queen Pen, Ja Rule, and others came to lift a hand in supporting the Anti-Gun rally. Permed up Al probably got paid for the event, TI needed to do this one on G.P.. Good looking out fellas.

Pop the top to see Mr., “We Gone Clap Back”,  aka Ja Rule offering support as well

anti gun1 Ja Rule Al Sharptonanti gun2 Queen Penanti gun4 T.I.Al Sharptonanti gun5

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  • Milly

    1st yapee!

  • Milly

    This really making my day

  • Golden Goddess

    wow is T ever going to Prison??

  • Milly

    I am the lady!

  • misz mannaz

    5th :(

  • Nigga Said

    T.I. is a flip flop. A dirty, over worn, thong flip flop.

  • luvin_life

    I thought that negro was in jail. Now if tha was somebody of the streets dey would have been locked up from the word go.

  • Ian P

    Anti-gun rally for someone convicted of weapon charges on more than one occasion. When he was punked on MTV it was a weapon charge gag. Then a year later he gets caught with a weapon charge. Now he and rollo goodlove I mean al sharpton hold a rally? T.I. seriously you are not going to get a reduced sentence for this nor are you going to spend less time in hell. Thats like Hugh Heffener supporting being selabent.

  • SoSoWhack

    Yeah whatever YI, Al and Ja! WHATEVER!

  • missunderstood

    I will just say – Go T.I. and leave this alone…

  • Steve

    Wow – TI does something positive and ppl dont want to hear it – I guess gun violence is ok – rappers should talk about killing other black ppl?

  • whitfield18

    No its not ok but its kinda late for someone that has been caught more than once having and trying to but guns illegally to talk about gun violence and rapping about poppin people all up and through his song even when the song isnt about capping people top let back remix that last verse he was really going off

  • Erica

    I kind of agree with TB. Give it some time, homeboy is going to be out early for good behavior, he has done so much to turn his life around (I hope you sensed the sarcasm).

  • sammydaegg

    i guess well all i can say is go TI whats wrong with wanted a lighter sentance i sure beats snitching to get off why not try to change some young and dumb kid before he or she can make mistakes like TI did i guess they said the same thing about tookie williams to he was doing good despite the bad he did and they killed him i guess some people cant learn from they mistakes thats whats wrong with america and the justice system now instead of trying to rehabilitate some of these fools they just throw them in jail lock the key and make bigger criminals out of people then they were before they went in there plus why not make hard working americans pay for them to live up in there just wasting space doing no good for no body i commend TI and any other person that is trying to learn from there past mistakes

  • Philly

    finishing those last minute community service hours…as required, as part of the deal.

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