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Kim K and Reggie Bush were slanging Lifestyles condoms at Sundance while Nick Cannon kicked it dolo:

Kim Kardashian set up a “Lifestyles Make-Out Booth” with boyfriend Reggie Bush. Kardashian and Bush christened the booth Friday night, and then distributed product as couples collected their Polaroids from their session in the makeshift booth. Although KK and Bush enjoyed each other’s company, our source says Cannon spent some alone time and transformed the booth into a sex machine.

All they needed was Ray-J and two others and they would have had a nice little “I ran thru Kim K” starting line up. Well at least they’re promoting safe sex.

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  • Johnny Gill


  • Bruh'Man

    I hope he knows that you cannot turn a ho into a housewife…

  • tank 02


  • chewy

    For real Bruh man.

  • kennedy


  • melod

    Oh. Just saw his profile on millionaire dating site called last week. I will check if it is true.

  • Bruh'Man

    I hope he knows she’s supposed to be a lady in the streets and a freak in the bed, not a freak in the streets AND a freak in the bed.

  • Mr. Look Good in Anything

    And so it begins…$500 says this will be at 500 posts by the end of the day!

  • MissDee


    “I hope he knows she’s supposed to be a lady in the streets and a freak in the bed, not a freak in the streets AND a freak in the bed.”


  • The Honorable Senator Craig

    Oh, she’s hot. Dang … why didn’t they see me at the Magnum booth? That’s where the magic was happening …

  • vjhe

    I just do not want him with her, but I’m willing to bet money that she is going to do everything she possibly can to make sure she stays with him, simply because he is a millionaire. She happen to date mostly famous black men. Now she has a black multi-millionaire who’s finances are new and stable. This girl has an agenda.

  • trippn


    Y’all jus’ tryin’ to instigate some ish. Of course you know sistahs will reACT then ’cause ain’t nothing else here right now – you get 1000 hits of nonesense back and forth RIGHT?!

  • FyreStarrter

    lol NEXT!!!

    Although I do think Kim’s people should get on that idea & maybe have some t-shirts or the latest trend scarves made with that I ran through Kim K statement on them. It would be a public relations GOLDMINE!!!!

  • ABC

    I think she is a beautiful woman. Yeah, she has dated many men, but most of the women in Hollywood have done so as well.

  • 100K

    beating a dead horse aint we people?

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