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Lil Jon hit the slopes hard recently showing his snowboarding skills.

Fill in the Blank: Without sunglasses Lil Jon looks like _____________________________.



  • MissDee


  • MissDee

    Uh oh… wait a min… am I first!? I need to do some work!


    without glasses lil john looks like: HE NEEDS TO PUT THEM BACK ON YEEEEEA!


    I never see his eyes befor the first time and he have a little eye than the other

  • Bruh'Man

    He looks like Chuck D with dreads


    His eyes look clear, like he hasn’t been smoking anything in a while.

  • Marsha

    Kim K’s ass implants

  • FyreStarrter

    ok well now I guess we SEE why he never takes his glasses off!!! PUT THE BLOOMIN OAKLEY’S BACK ON LIL JON & QUICK!!!

  • kai

    Other than his eyes, he looks pretty fly in his gear snowboarding…


    Bushwick Bill from the 5th ward boys

  • The Honorable Senator Craig



    Do you like popsicles? Skeet-skeet-skeet!!!

  • backyard

    He looks like he belongs in the toilet

  • Teezy

    like he should never evaaaaa evaaaaaaaa evaaaaaa take them off! (in my chris turker’s voice)

  • ABC

    He looks crazy but he seems like he always has fun!

  • Sheletta

    He looks like the illegitimate son of freaky R&B funk rocker Rick James! Lawd, T-Payne just shut Lil’ John down! I tell you–the “industry” chews ’em up and spits ’em out! My advice to ’em: “Don’t read your own press clippings! And save your money.” Ask Teddy Riley ’bout it…

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