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Diddy Janice Combs

Sean John (formerly known as Diddy) and his mom Janice attended the Raisin in the Sun premiere at Sundance.

We commend mama Janice’s confidence for rockin a skintight catsuit at her age, but damn, she should trade that blonde wig in for something a little more flattering. No comment on the hat and jacket.

Janice Combs CatsuitSanaa RaisinPhylicia Rashad RaisinAudra McDonald

View the Raisin in the Sun cast right about now…

Raisin Cast


  • gap & gucci

    is that a bodysuit? nooooo! why?? why mama diddy? why?

  • Lauren

    No mamma diddy, no!

  • MJB's #1 Fan

    A mess.

  • Cage

    The first thing i noticed was those ugly ass boots Diddy rockin… WTF happened? He must have forgot to change those after gettin off stage i guess….

  • Southern Belle 225

    now, mama diddy know she is wrong. as usual. she always ALWAYS looks a hot mess! I am not surprised. All that money and a clothing line and he can’t get his mother a stylist?

    Sanaa looks beautiful!


    why ms rashad look like my elementary school teacher. she got the teacher hair, and reassuring smile along with the canvas bag and everything lol she probably got juice boxes in that bag and books with pictures

  • marla williams

    SEAN and A.I.’s moms are alot alike!! i dont know why they want to dress like they are 25!! YOU ARE MOTHERS NOW!!!! “Dress like one”, i am so GLAD KANYE’s MOM dressed like His Mother and not one of His CHIC’s….. THIS is why Sean John has a hard time settling down HIS MOM WONT SETTLE DOWN!!


    SHe is sooo fat and ugly. She know she wrong for that.

  • SIX Shooter (GET MONEY)

    In that outfit she looks like a black Q-Tip.

  • T-Real

    Alright MissDee, Where ya at? Let me hear it about this outfit! LOL!

  • Kellz

    Not feelin it. But I love the mother/son relationship. How sweet.

  • Kellz

    Sanaa looks pretty.

  • Saucy

    @marla williams

    I hadn’t thought about that, but you’re probably right. Diddy won’t settle down because he hasn’t seen a good relationship and his mother is a poor example. I hate to say it, but I’m going to, she looks like an ex-prostitute.

  • Milio

    Ms. Rashad looks wonderfull @ her age. I’d rather look like a teacher than something Katt Williams should be slappin up. Say no to Spandex in 08.

  • Lauren

    Ooooo I love this cast! Its Uncle Joey from Full House, and that Lady from the Greys Anatomy Spin off, private practice, she is gorgeous and Sanaa does look cute, but why she always have on them black stockings, lol!

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