Curly-Haired Pregnant Swag

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halle ringlets

Halle Berry, her new little ringlet hairdo, and bodyguard were out running errands in Universal City, CA recently. Although she and her K-Fraud will not get married, he has stepped his game up a bit and has given her a $10,000 ring:

“It’s gorgeous. The diamonds aren’t huge but they are perfectly cut and sparkle. Gabriel gave Halle the ring to symbolize their commitment.”

Big ups to Gabriel on that one. Nothing says commitment better than not being there.


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  • Lauren

    How many time do we need to see Ms. Berry running from the paps?

  • MissDee

    She’s perttie *no homo*

  • Lauren

    Symbolize their commitment? Oh hell to the no! Take his ass to Child Support NOW!

  • JaliliMaster


    Symbolize their commitment? Oh hell to the no! Take his ass to Child Support NOW!


    Is that all you stupid american women think about? How about taking care of his child!

  • MissDee


    lol, she’s the one that said she didn’t want to get married again… she’s already been married two or three times

  • MissDee

    @ yup, what are you talking about? … she looks good… her hair looks natural and SHE IS about 12 months pregnant!

  • follow the leader

    Halle Do your thang!!!

  • Tonya

    Why do you keep calling her man K-Fraud? That would apply if he were unemployed or a wannabe. He is a very successful model and restauranteur, and had already made it when they met. At least try to report somewhat accurately.

  • YUP...I'm blessed

    is that her boyfriend in the back? ain’t he some whiteguy? i don’t know but,i think he is just a sperm donor honestly.

  • YUP...I'm blessed


    sorry just not feeling it.

    i wish she would just keep it short and straight.

  • tiray


    too funny…..BABE, there IS life outside of the ghetto!-it’s called living in Santa Monica Ca.

    hahahahhaha…too funny

    try to live that reality. YOUR KIDS WILL BE THE BETTER FOR IT!



  • lacyd - is single

    You know, I like Halle (make me feel good) Berry, but right now she looks like a pregnant Corbin Blue from High School Musical.

  • tiray

    HALLE lookin good as usual! Likin the way she’s fillin out those pants too!

    (they say that girls are at their sexual best at this stage). LOL



  • Southern Belle 225

    she looks so pretty with the curly hair. very refreshing.

    she is the one that doesn’t want to get married and he does. Knowing all this, he still brought her a fiyah ass ring. Kudos to him for doing that.

  • Southern Belle 225

    @laycd…LOL at corbin blue!!!

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