Naomi Campbell’s Ex-Man Breaks Down the Truth About Beatings

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Naomi knows she needs some serious anger management classes. This chick is not to be messed with. She beats down maids, personal assistants, boyfriends. Pop the lid for more

Naomi Campbell is well known for her feisty temper – and ex-boyfriend Matteo Marzotto dumped her because he’d had enough of it!

The supermodel was with Italian hunk Matteo for about eight months before they split at the beginning of 2004.

And it appears that Naomi’s well-publicised outbursts of rage – which can sometimes turn violent – were to blame.

“You’ve got to be able to take her hits. She lashes out hard and often. She dealt me some terrible punches,” the presenter of Italian TV show ‘La 7’ said.

The Italian is not someone to be messed with – Marzotto was the head of fashion range ‘Valentino’ but Campbell didn’t seem to care.

She really is a diva!

Marzotto (41) added: “Once she came into a Valentino boutique and wanted to take a fur coat without paying for it.”

He told her that she could wear the fur for a bit and then bring it back. “She was so angry she started to fight with me in the middle of the shop. She hit me really hard.”

The model is famous for having a short fuse – she has even been arrested for lashing out.

In 2008, Naomi attacked a policeman in Heathrow airport London after swearing and spitting at him.

Where is all the anger coming from Naomi? Damn. SMH



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