Coco Channels Marilyn Monroe

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Coco classes things up in this photo shoot where she dresses up like the blond bombshell Marilyn Monroe. How odd. We’re so used to seeing Coco’s cakes and ta-tas all greased up and on a platter. This is the nicest we’ve seen Coco in a long time, possibly ever. Flip the lid for more



  • charlieblanko

    first…can i do that?

  • just because

    aww shat Coco got the stripper toes in the white shoes, the toes that hang all the way over the shoe, i guess for grip idk lol

  • Nique

    @just because

    dead @ your comment

    A ho channels a ho…what a concept!

  • Sha

    Why the hell is her toes hanging from the shoe??? I know it’s that time of year where we start showing our toes but ladies please not like this!!!!

  • me (the original)® Okay, what Bossip reading Celeb is stalking Usher's ex? LOL

    Eh, I respectfully disagree on one point, Ms. Panama. I think Marilyn Monroe is a timeless beauty. Her look will always be classic, which is why it is always copied by different people.

    I think Coco just cheapens it. : /

  • frank lucas

    @Ms Panama


    Maybe not boobs(not sure), but she definitely had a nose job…

  • Re

    Her breasts are coming out the side of her neck…


    Actually she looks like tha trim spa chick that was mysteriously murdered “ANNA NICLOE” dang thought i 4 got tha chicks name COL

  • http://bossip Lisa

    I so agree with Ms. Panama…

    Why are her feet hangen out of her shoes could they not find the right size?? That is so not classy….

  • Re

    Ladies…you know how you roll over in bed and your breasts move with you? I wonder if hers actually stand at attention ALL the time…

    Do they ever stand at parade rest? Lifes imponderables…

  • missunderstood (f*ck some playoffs, I want my TV back!!!!)

    Well, they were both hoes. Albeit Marilyn was an “uppercrust” hoe… lol….

    And I have been seeing too many stars with their feet clenching the end of their shoes lately. Is that the style now, too little shoes? lol….

  • mane(Los Imposters son cobardes!)

    She looks good! Ice-T is pimpin for real, in this depression he knows what to do to keep it rollin! That Marilyn dress has always turned a brotha on though, I bought my lady one and the sight of those caramel tatas & hour glass shape in it, just made me “RIP IT OFF!” Where can I buy anotha for her? Anyone!

  • sasha

    lmao “GROUND GRABBERS” Also I am tired of her on this site and NO I AM NOT A HATER!

  • dayg715

    please, wasn’t nothing “classy” about marilyn monroe.

  • K-mia

    lol! she’s such a character! I hafta applaud her for not giving a f*ck about how silly she looks. That takes balls….i like!

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