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Tyra Banks may be looking to make it happen with investment banker boyfriend, John Utendahl:

“She’s at a point in her life where she wants a serious commitment.”

Sure she’s at that time of her life. That biological clock is about to stop ticking in in a few years.

We don’t know if this is a sincere approach to marry or just a desperate way out of being “lonely“. Either way, we wish her luck, we hear this guy’s an asshole.



  • queenbee

    good for her!

  • afafas

    Where’s the proof that he’s an asshole, did he not give you a hug or something.

    At least give proof, instead of lying.

  • Nikki

    Can Tyra live???

  • ms jazz new music is up! yall be the judge

  • Brownsville

    For a seemingly progressive woman, her cliche attraction to an investment banker is kinda weak. She needs a K-Fraud who works for some non-profit or someting. SMH Ms. Banks.

  • babegyrl

    I’m all for it if she is really into dude, but if she’s just settleing cause she’s lonely or cause she afraid of being ALONE,, Than I’m disappointed.

  • Reformed GammaRay


  • Stringer Bell

    Good Morning!!

    Poor Tyra, settling for that mess…She seems like the type that just needs a stand up guy.

    Shout out to all the K frauds out there on the come up!!

  • ...YenoH.NoreMac...


    L O V E

    T Y R A H

    X X X

  • Astrid

    Tyra is lame as hell and the only reason she is probably ready for a commitment is because her biological clock is probably ticking so loud that she can barely hear herself think. She’s desperate and pathetic.

  • FI - 504 - FUM

    KIZZY !!!!


  • bree

    where is wrong post girl? she banned?

  • da darkness

    Jcamel “i’ll click clac push your wig back farther than tyra banks hair line….” lol did he say that? what happen to that balln?

    @Ty he looks so old, but his paper must be long. You mos def seemed headlined wit money cats, Tiger Woods, Cris Web, him, stay wit the paper, hello

  • mr mr

    she only interested because this guy is LOADED…he is very wealthy and is very well known in the banking industry…

    i formally worked on Wall St., and by all accounts this guy is supposed to be mean and surly to everyone around him…maybe Tyra has calmed his azz down

  • Andrea_Teria

    I like Tyra she’s a Sagittarius like me but the reason she cant get a Fukkin man she’s tooooo hype she need to keep herself quiet and let the men do the chasing…act slick Naomi she’s slick she still has men chasing her and she’s 40 I think all about attitude and how you carry yourself. TYRA word of advice slicked up get rid of the blonde hair geeeeeeeeeeze so preppy

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