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Bill Clinton, AKA Slick Willy, continues to play the race card against Obama:

“As far as I can tell, neither Senator Obama nor Hillary have lost votes because of their race or gender,” he said. “They are getting votes, to be sure, because of their race or gender — that’s why people tell me Hillary doesn’t have a chance of winning here.”

Obama has lost votes since the shady Clintons started their “down low” racial baiting.

According to a recent poll, Obama is leading Clinton in S.C. and Florida. It looks like rounding up all those old-time chittlin’ civil rights negroes in S.C. is not working for the Clintons.


  • http://dyma.com Dyma


  • Guilty Pleasure

    I’m starting to get really TIRED of the race/gender issues. Please discuss how you plan on helping this country get OUT of debt, the poor, homeless, jobless…..etc…etc

  • Astrid

    I’m surprised she didn’t do that whole “I ain’t no ways tired” speech that she did when she was in Selma. Both of those Clintons are shady as all get out.

  • lovely and amazing

    I will be taking to the streets over the next two weeks going door to door on foot with baby in stroller for OBAMA 2008!

    OBAMA is a man and President my child can look up to!

    The power of prayer has been the black mother’s gift since the dawn of time. Please let us black mothers and people pray for Obama, for his strength, for his continued success.

    Pray for this faithful husband devoted father tireless community organizer and dignified presidential candidate as he ushers in a NEW DAY for ALL of us on his journey to the White House. YES HE CAN!

    OBAMA 2008!

  • Raven2007

    Umm, Obama’s winning the African American vote not the white vote. African Americans make up half of the population and are not the majority. Whites give Obama only 10% of their votes, with Edwards currently in the lead and Hilary in second.

    Not that polls are accurate anyway.

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  • carolyngirl

    @ Raven2007

    African Americans make up 12% of the population. get your facts right!

    @lovely and amazing

    You better not touch my door, I will stick my fingers on your behind.

  • Kenya

    why you guys do not say why should we vote for Obama? Because he is black? I am not that stupid.

  • Sean

    Hilary 2008.

  • Lauren

    OBAMA 4 CHANGE IN 2008!

    Oh and Mornin!

  • Kenya


    You are right!

  • Kenya


    What changes if you don’t mind.

  • Lauren

    @ Lovely And Amazing, you go girl! Thats what I’m talking about!

  • Lauren

    @Kenya, anything better than what there is now, better schools, safer neighborhoods, lower real estate, just to name a few, not to mention coming out of Iraq. I have no problem with Hil but Obama is who I am supporting.

  • Kenya

    @Guilty Pleasure

    Black do not want to talk about that. There something better than banana.

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