Diddy’s Dark Angels

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Danity Kane covers the recent issue of the “prestigious” King Magazine. First, we must say that we’re surprised these girls are still together with Diddy’s track record. For their sake, let’s hope they can stay together long enough to crank out a new album.

As for this cover…aside from them looking a wee bit tranny-ish, D. Woods’ Frankenstein hair, and Aubrey’s new rack the girls still look good. D Woods was a good choice for the centerpiece, thighs nice and thick.


  • browngirl


  • Stringer Bell

    Good Morning!


  • browngirl

    and can they afford a stylist who can tell d.woods to do something with that hair.

  • Lil Latte

    Most of them look so manly.

  • Guilty Pleasure

    Not cute at all….

  • Nikki

    Why do they all look the same color?

  • backyard

    They all look wack they need to sit their corny asses down. Their first album didnt sell why they think this one will. BadBoy been played out since the year 2000 and diddy or what ever name he goes by now needs to retire he cant hold artist like he use to any damn way

  • Reformed GammaRay

    cosign nikki..

    yeah cuz..evrbody’s a tad brownzed…

  • GreenEyez

    They all do look the same color. I have respect for them though for putting up wit Diddy’s ass for soooooo long………

  • Stringer Bell

    And yes all of them look a lil tranny!!

    Guaranteed worst issue of King ever sales wise…


  • Tonya

    This is the most unattractive girl group since XScape, but at least they could really sing. This group was tired during the making of the show.

  • Nikki

    @ Tonya

    SWV was the worst!!!

  • Astrid

    Those hags look ridiculous.

  • omissj

    LOL@ boooooooournss. I loved that Simpsons episode.

    By the way where is everyone, the comment sections are looking a little empty today.

    I need my morning laugh.

  • IMO

    These girls look nothing like themselves. Good or bad? I dunno…

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