Behind the Scenes of Cassie and Puff’s New Love Ballad Video:”Must Be Love”

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

CLICK HERE to watch the video

After Cassie’s nekkid pictures hit the net she immediately went to work. You have to ride that limelight as soon as it hits. The single is below and from our perspective, this joint sounds like an official coming out song between Cassie and Diddy and that’s real!

Pop the top to listen to her first single, Must Be Love(which hit the net over a month ago and didn’t interest us till we got a look at her piercings)

Vodpod videos no longer available.


  • Laugheter cures it all

    BOOOOOOOOOOOO to that wackness..

    and if someone up in here says she looks fresh with that dumbass hair cut…

  • HMMM


  • j's auntie

    I think in his mind she reminds him of Jennifer Lopez, and that’s why he likes her. She looks ridiculous by the way.

    Oh I also say support our troops!!!

  • free

    @ j’s auntie

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • yadig

    Song is absolutely horrible just like her head.

  • Sickofitt!

    No, I will not click on the link, I refuse. It’s friday and I don’t want to hear any garbage so early in the morning. I can already tell by the comments what it sounds like. SO NO THANKYOU

  • Philly

    cassie needs guidance, and NOT from diddy

  • breezy00

    this is no ballad.
    and cassie doesn’t have the vocals to even ATTEMPT a ballad.

  • Sound of Reason

    She is just not talented.
    And Puffy when are you going to get over J Lo?
    And stop trying to force feed us this crap Cassie,
    Pretty ain’t enough, this “b” better work. she can’t sing, dance, her body is just a 6, no swag and the hair…she might do better if she shaved it all off.

  • Mrs. RL (of Next)

    @ breezy00

    Ha ha. I was thinking the same thing. You beat me to it.

  • breezy00

    @ Mrs. RL
    damn i just thought of that one song “good man”..
    i need to bring that song back to my

  • tasty t


  • noelle

    HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM she has nice moves, Diddy must be paying her large to get used!@

  • AddicTiVe

    Fresh lol. What a joke.

  • noelle

    From her twitter, I think she sits in hotels all day, takes pictures, steals everybody’s fashion choices, eats, sits in the studio, and pleasures herself

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