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jaslene antm

Somebody Throw this B*tch a Pork Chop Lossip

Jamie Lynn Spears is Giving Up Her Baby Celebslam

A Little Trip Down Memory Lane with Eddie Murphy’s Best Man Livesteez

More pics of Kim Kardashian in a Bikini F-Listed

Angelina Jolie Pregnant with Twins? Hollyscoop

Heath Ledger Overmedicated? Evil Beet

Are You Feelin This Get Up I’m Not Obsessed

Even More Tracey and Eddie Drama Cele|bitchy


  • Nikki

    She is TOO skinty!!! backbone turns into ass crack…

  • Tana

    Oh!! She is so slim!!lol!

  • Ki££aßeeSwarm™©®

    Third is the new first.

  • BEnCrazt

    Does anybody like such a thin lady? I’d prefer big beautiful women, such as those on

  • nahnah

    Prescription drugs killed Heath Ledger.

    That sleeping pill, Ambien, is bad news.

    I’m truly saddened by his death. He was so young, and so talented.

    R.I.P :-(

  • Stringer Bell

    Like I said she needs to gain some weight!!

    She looked great before she went on ANTM

    Shout out to all the thick woman out there!! nothing like a woman with some curves on em!! god bless em

  • Nikki

    @ SB

    You are hilar with the shoutouts!!!

  • Ki££aßeeSwarm™©®

    Now for some comments.

    Jaslene, not a good look. You ain’t supposed to skip meals. Underweight is just as bad as overweight.

    Jamie Lynn giving her kid to her mom to be raised. I don’t know about that. The track record of Grandma Spears is shaky.

    Kim K. Usually I don’t like the leopard print, but this time I’ll make an exception.

    I thought a horse was loose in New York. Turns out it was just Sarah Jessica Parker.

    And, I’m done.

  • Stringer Bell

    @ Niki

    Thank you Nik

  • Southern Belle 225

    She is a pretty girl but she needs to eat something other than air pudding!

  • Stringer Bell

    @ Southen Belle 225

    Air Pudding hahahahaha

  • Southern Belle 225

    @Stringer…When me and my brother were young teenagers, my mom decided that she was going to fall back on the cooking. Whenever I would ask her what was for dinner, it was usually air pudding!

  • Nique

    i’m sorry but jaslene is NOT attractive…never was and never will be…she has a long masculine face and a boney body…yuck….

  • Dalia

    Why? Why? Why? Why?

    Why haven’t they helped this child? She is not model thin, she is anorexic and looks like a walking skeleton.

    Jaslene needs to get help or she’s going to die.

  • pickel

    Where’s the beef?

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