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Here is Rihanna at the NRJ Music Awards tonight at the NRJ Music Awards. Are you feelin’ her new swag?

It’s refreshing to not see a lacefront wig every now and then.



  • hialiyalol


  • Shay

    I love it. She looks fab

  • Too Fast

    She cant do no wrong in my eyes, this girl and Kelly Rowland. They always make it rain on all the other girls.

  • E. Junior


  • Sindy

    I could only imagine what life must be like to look this good…. God has truly blessed Rihanna.

  • anon

    i’m a dude. i usually don’t post on these posts but i gotta say, she’s made a 180 from her look when she first came on the scene. her stylist needs a damn raise cause she went from about a 6 to a 9/10. Money may not buy you happiness but it can buy you a serious makeover.

  • http://FreshFromTheStreetz.blogspot.com FreshFromTheStreetz.blogspot.com

    Got that right. Rihanna is thee TRUTH!

  • Lauren

    She is def the hottest chick in the game right now, gotta give it to her.

  • Aoki Lee

    She needs a nose job. She has that typical flared-out nostril thing that is prevalent amongst blacks that i just don’t have a taste for. Also, her forehead is way too big.

  • z

    refreshing to see a sister finally say no to those terrible blond weaves. tyra, beyonce take a hint!

  • Ki££aßeeSwarm™©®

    How do I become a Rihanna groupie?

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    She is so gorgeous that it really doesn’t make any sense. I love that she changes up her style from time to time unlike any of the other current pop divas.

  • maurice

    Okay so I think that Rihanna looks busted. Just because she’s light skinned does not mean she’s a banger. Her nose is ugly and her forehead is big. And quite frankly I’m not feeling that hair cut. Rihanna is busted in this picture. She can look pretty. But this look aint doin it.

  • z

    i think she should switch to modelling and/or fashion design.

  • VictoriousOne...

    u folks don’t think she has pieces in there supplementing that hair? I’m sure it’s a quick weave. Mary J is the Queen of quick weaves.

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