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eddie vegas

Look who’s out kickin it fresh off the suspect rebound. Eddie Murphy was out in Las Vegas at the Bellagio this weekend and word is that he was rolling with a group of dudes all weekend and is mean and nasty as hell. He must still be bitter from the break up. We’re sure Johnny will make it all better.

More images from that event:

jackie joyner kersee2gary dourdanjackie joyner kerseeshar jacksonsilverdress


  • dayg715

    gary dourdan is hot.

  • LaSabre84

    Gay all day

  • ms jazz
  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Eddie needs to quit living a lie… thats whats wrong with him.

  • idontknow

    this whole thing is pretty funny really

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  • marla williams

    SAD, SAD little MAN!… he cant find another woman they are not that stupid!!

  • tj

    Eddie Murphy is on drugs. You should be posting about his cocaine abuse rather than his attempted business arrangement with Tracey

  • Reformed GammaRay

    WTHEEEF is good wit EDDIE MUTHA EFFIN MURPHY??? yo, he get’s the side eye of death cuz…shaaaaaydeeee

  • James

    He is a very strange fellow! The things people do behind close door will shock you. I hope Eddie gives over his life to God, because he sure needs some help, him and that johnny Gill character.

  • SeattleSlim: You Know You Want Me!

    Come help me caption this picture on my blog! :D

  • Shootingstar

    Gary is usually the hotness, but his hair looks absolutely fried. Damn.

    Eddie is bitter because he won’t come out of the closet and because he’s just an a-hole.

  • Reformed GammaRay

    Eddie is bitter because he won’t come out of the closet and because he’s just an a-hole.



  • BABY

    @ stringer,

    lol, yeah, he is “rolling with his boys” alright….

  • DM

    Eddie is really a pathetic character.

  • Hmmmm

    Eddie is one greasy and shady mutha fukker!!! Just look at his ugly fag, fake ass! Lindsay Ho-han oor Paris would be could for him. That’s all I got!

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