Exclusive: Roger and Claire Are Through

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We exclusively told you back in November that Marques Houston and Jennifer Freeman were engaged. Well apparently, the two have broken up since Marques has not been able to get over the fact that she slept around with a lot of dudes before they were together (including B2K’s Lil Fizz and Omarion).

Either that or all that Chris Stokes Scandal crap ruined the relationship.



    i’m sure chris had to remind him about that promise ring that he gave marques way back……….

  • http://www.whoizjazz.com ms jazz
  • lola

    that figures

  • idontknow
  • Mo'Ree

    *runs out crying screaming* wwwhhhhhhhyyyyyyy!!!!

    but no really who cares?

  • Lady Architect

    It probably was a combination of both. How could you look at your girl and not think about her sexin two of your friends…That’s just weird.

  • Marques Houstons lace socks

    How long will it be before pics with Eddie Murphy “on vacation” surface???

  • idontknow

    two new g unit tracks

    hot hot hot


  • Li'l Fizzy Razques Boogmarion

    “Roger & Claire?” wtf?

  • mr mr


  • Erika

    Roger from sister sister and claire from my wife and kids ^^^^^^^

  • Lisa

    If she did freak those other dudes down, why get engaged to her? Truth is she was tired of his BS and DLing.

  • Kigali

    Or it could have been that notoriously bad breathe of his. I was first told about it almost 12 years ago.

  • Li'l Fizzy Razques Boogmarion

    Right, right… every time I hear Claire I think Huxtable. Got me all confused on a Monday morning. Thanks for clearing it up.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    LOL, look at Claire all “growed” up. :-) Has she done anything since My wife & kids?

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