Erykah Badu: Honey

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Here is Erykah Badu’s new video for her track “Honey”. We’re definitely feelin’ her creative quirkiness over here. She’s a refreshing alternative to all the weave and ass shaking.


  • ms jazz
  • idontknow
  • mr mr

    video is hot!

    Ms. Badu is BACK….

  • Certain

    WTF was that at the end?

    Anyway, video was on point. Song is hot. And Erykah was looking good as hell in those tights in that “Ass Shakin” portion. Thumbs up!

  • Kigali

    Very cute.

  • Dalia

    OK, I’m feelin the beat on this track, but some of the lyrics are trippin me out:

    “I’m in love with a bumble bee…..”???

    Get outta here.

  • Loved

    I’m just beginning my day at the office and watching the “Honey” readjusted my Monday-mornings-suck attitude. It’s def a look good, feel good, and sound good joint. It’s Loved.





  • I'm Just Me

    GREAT JOB ERYKAH!!I am feeling this.

  • Let's Be Honest

    I really enjoyed this video…good job Erykah. Do you sell gift cards…lol!

  • Ro Ro

    I like Erykah Badu and her style. I think the video just shows her fans her quirky personality and creative imagination. However I think the song sounds to much like something that she dropped in the past. At least she is back in the studio and back on the mainstream trying to give her fans a lil bit more…which is definately more than I can say about another quirky talent….Lauren Hill.

  • DROCK (Got Grown Folks Music??)

    DO YO DAMN THANG MS. BADU!! THATS WHAT IM TALKIN BOUT…REAL MUSIC, REAL SINGING, REAL TALENT, REAL GROWN FOLKS MUSIC…WE GOT ALICIA, JILL SCOTT, MARY J. B, & NOW MS. BADU??? THIS IS GOING TO BE A GREAT YEAR FOR MY EARS…(just wish “u know who” would just take a break & not release anything else including commercials, spanish cd’s, cell phones, hip hop toys did i miss anything??)

  • Shonte

    I Love It! I’m glad that she is coming out with a new album! I really like the part of the video where she did the Outkast “Hey Ya” video too.

  • ABC

    Average song, AMAZING video…

  • ladyd

    Loved it! Yeah the song truly isn’t something new, but if it is not broke then don’t fix it! I love EB, and that was a great video.

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