Confirmed: Swizz Beats Raps Alicia Keys Cooks His Breakfast While Naked, Takes Relationship Public

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If you ever doubted Mashanda about Alicia Keys breaking up their marriage, her husband has now gone on record saying he is in love with AK .

Swizz confirmed what we already knew to the NY Daily News:

Hip-hop maestro Swizz Beatz is finally admitting that he and Alicia Keys are an item — but he wishes his estranged wife, Mashonda, would leave the Grammy winner out of their divorce.

For months now, Swizz has been trying to keep his thing with Alicia on the down-low. But he doesn’t leave much doubt about who owns his heart on Drake’s new “Best I Ever Had” remix.

Wake up in the morning and my baby cooked me breakfast, A’s naked wearing nothing on but a necklace …

Yeah, she say she wanna treat me like a king; I get big gifts so the money ain’t a damn thing

She gave me a party at the Guggenheim … What’s next? The ring? The baby? She really loves me!

Swizz tells us that, yes, he’s in love with Keys and, yes, she did give him a birthday party at that museum.

“But we’re nowhere near ready for a baby or a ring,” laughs Swizz, aka Kasseem Dean. “This whole song is not about Alicia. The part about her cooking breakfast for me naked — she never done that for me.” Damn.

Swizz didn’t want to talk about Keys till now because, he says, “What we have is so precious.” He also felt it would aggravate Mashonda, who’s also a singer.

He may have been right. “When he told Mashonda he was dating Alicia, I think she got jealous,” says a friend of the couple.

Having filed for divorce in February, Mashonda is seeking interim support for their 2-year-old son, Kasseem Jr., arguing that Swizz has slashed his payments.

“He’s been tightening the screws on her,” says a friend of Moshanda. “It’s becoming intolerable. Meanwhile, she’s seen the charges for jewelry he’s bought Alicia in France.”

During the winter, the heat in Mashonda’s Westchester mansion went out. “Swizz wouldn’t repair her heat,” says her friend. But a pal of Swizz argues, “The house is 30,000 square feet. The heat didn’t work in one wing, not where Mashonda and Dean slept. Swizz had been paying all of their bills. On top of that, he was giving her $5,000 a week. His advisers felt that was too much, so now he pays her $3,500 a month, on top of the bills.

“Swizz has put settlement offers on the table, but Mashonda won’t say what she needs. She just came back from Paris and London. She drives a Bentley Flying Spur and a Cadillac Escalade. I don’t think life’s too bad for her.”

Mashonda’s friend argues that she’s resisted his offers “because he’s been less than forthcoming about his true financial picture.”

Swizz’s lawyer, Dan Rottenstreich, insists, “He has taken care of her and his son above and beyond what’s required.”

Says Mashonda’s attorney Bernard Clair: “An application is pending before the court, where the facts will be developed.”

No word on what effect this revelation is going to have on AK’s ‘goody-goody reputation’. We love AK but he was a married man with kids and all. Poor Mashonda.



  • roro

    thats hot!

  • roro

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sostl314

    Alicia, that was foul you are a low down woman for messing with a married man!!

  • baeyaki

    few people understand the true meaning of marriage!

  • Busted & Disgusted @ A Key the Stank Ho

    That’s some ole bullshyt. Bogus as hell!

  • Joja86

    Oh well…what comes around goes around. Yeah if the relationship wasn’t working out, it was bound to happen but geez wait for the ink to dry on a divorce paper. All this women empowerment,etc from Alicia…guess the market is hard out there

  • Daisy

    TEAM AKEYS! I believe they were sepearated before they hooked up. Tech that is still married but you can’t make a man/woman stay with you if they want out. Sad but true. Swizz had a baby on Mashonda per the rumor mill and I dont recall her putting that female on blast. She knew then that Swizz won’t shit. Now based on his track record that is my only concern for Akyes I hope she knows what she is doing cause unless Swizz has grown up and matured over the last few months this will not end well for Akeys.

    Kimmora was married and prg by another man I dont recall anybody throwning stones her way.

    Trina is on Kenyons arm and he is indeed legally still married as well.

    Brangelina is one of the hottest couples in Hollywood (according to some people) and he surely was married when they hooked up.

    I do not condone dating married men its not something I am looking to do but separated people rich and poor date everyday right/wrong or indifferent.

  • MzPurp

    So what happened to her engagement?

  • http://bossip Akeys_Stan

    GOOO Orlando!

  • Sydney™

    Wow. . .I haven’t kept up with the ins and outs of this story, but if it’s true that Alicia had a relationship with a married man — who has a child on top of everything else — that’s pretty reckless and shameful. Remember, ‘Licia, the way you get a man is the same way you will lose him.

    Someone needs to listen to her own lyrics:

    You see I caught you
    Tryin to check my man out
    How bout you explain
    What thats all about
    You think ya slick
    Like I wouldnt know
    But I got something for you hoe
    Mess around end up in a choke-hold
    Gurl I think its time for you to go
    Away from my man and me
    Thats the way its gonna be

    Cause Ill be crazy
    To let my man go
    And let some other jane doe
    Come and try to steal him
    Oh!no oh!no


    Alicia is a talented artist, it is funny that he is coming out with this now when alicia been off the market since her last album. SUSPECT….2da infinite degree. I don’t think she stole that man, I think that ex wife is a gold digger and wants more money and more air time for her career so she tryin’ to destroy alicia’s. For all we know BEYONCE’S PEOPLE are probably behind this whole thing hahahahaha

  • http://bossip Akeys_Stan

    @ MzPurp

    Alicia was never engaged

  • ShavonDenise

    Bout time yall reported this. Anyway I love Alicia Keys and all you people bashing JUST HER is wrong. Swizz was the one thats married! You dont know what he told her and from what I heard him and his wife were already separated. He had the commitment and women need to stop being pissed at each other and be pissed at your man!

  • ShavonDenise

    Side bar: I do feel like Aicia isnt innocent in all this YET like I said he was the one married and you dont know what he told Alicia. Do you think he told her, “Hey baby I’m still with my wife”??? Hell no. When you are separated you’re not together anymore so what you do in that time is what it is…ask Kimora and Russell

  • Daisy

    @Ron G I beg your pardon. I have plenty of morals and NO kids. Not all blacks are in poverty but I agree to many are. Whites are in poverty and whites are on welfare and white women are indeed single mothers as well. White women/men have affairs as well. Please take that black women bashing somewhere else.

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