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We reported the ‘illicit’ hook-up between Tyson and Paige last week and it looks like Paige is setting out to do some serious rumor control. Flip the lid for her personal account of the affair

So, I gotta clear something up. Not so much to knock down rumors, but need to get this sexist weight off my chest. I got a call yesterday from a guy who wants to date me, who was all bent out of shape about something he read on about me and Tyson Beckford. He was so insecure and neurotic about it that I am surprised that he didn’t just call me the names that he really wanted to call me, gold-digger. I hate to say it, but if some supermodel was caught going into his house, I MIGHT be a lil more attracted to him. I certainly wouldn’t think less of him! This is the double standard that I find insulting.

Let me set the record straight. I have lived in America (New York) for 11 years. I will be 30 years old and I have always PAID MY OWN BILLS. I am an independent, successful woman (no boyfriend has ever paid my bills). I shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed about any relationship I might be in. If I pay my own bills, then no one should really care, but if you do…Please don’t make me some kinda victim because that’s the weight a woman carries alone. IF..she is in a quiet affair.

But for the record, Tyson and I are not romantically involved LOL.


Don’t really know why she keeps talkin’ about how independent she is. We’re just shoutin’ out her love of chocolate not her gold-diggin’ activities. WTF?

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