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mariah and jack

Mimi was photographed recently shopping in Beverly Hills with two of her favorite accessories, her little dog Jack and a glass of champagne.

SMH at all these little dogs being sported around. We wonder how long this trend will last.

mariah and jack2mariah and jack3mariah champagnemariah champagne2

View pics of Tracey Ellis Ross’ dog swag under the hood…


Here is a pic of Mariah and her reported “boyfriend” Al Walser:

mariah al walser

Images via WENN/ Splash


  • PrettyMissSunshine

    awww her dog is cute!!

  • PrettyMissSunshine

    Ok, im not screaming first becasue I actually feel like a loser for even commenting on this non-sense and if you are reading my comments, you have just wasted at least a mintue of your life and I do apologize. :-)

  • Yes I Said it and I Meant it Too

    In that first picture it looks like she’s about to suck her entire rib cage in.

  • http://deleted KJ

    why does Mariah’s clothes always put me in the mindset of the 80’s??????????

  • robbie

    mariah is starting to look expired.

  • cns

    Old lady white legs.

  • TS

    Mariah’s gonna have a breakdown when that dog dies. She’s had that dog forever. That thing must be 114 in dog years.



  • kai

    I cant fault her, after Kimora got her pedicure done in Cris, M is entitled to walk around with a glass of champagne in the LV store. Hell she might as well install a Dom Perignon faucet to her pipes at home. Its good when its ice cold. Im so glad its not my tax paying money she using lol…….

  • HaaaamBURGER!


    she got the face of a muppet

  • Lil Latte

    I think my Lil Latte is much cuter than that dog she carries around,it reminds me of those big toddlers you see always getting carried…

  • Southern Belle 225

    she has a cute puppy. but she is a little too old to be walking around holding a puppy all the time. also, she could stand to loosen up her clothes a little bit. her body always looks like its fighting to breathe.

  • WakeUpCall

    That’s a lot of divatude and clevage in one package

  • Dalia

    @ Golden Shoes:

    Co-sign. For real.

    You just know that when she reaches 50, she’s still going to be wearing that hair style and dressing the same way.

    And she keeps wondering why she gets so many chest colds…..

  • The Honorable Senator Craig

    dang, she’s a banger for realz …

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