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Queen Latifah is the new face of Jenny Craig, and here is a shot from her commercial.

Fill in the Blank: Queen Latifah is on Jenny Craig because her ‘trainer’ Jeannette Jenkins _____________.

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  • afafas

    Sucks…..her off

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)

    Fat Face… Look at them cheeks on King Latifah :-)

  • spicy


  • ms jazz
  • david

    … is too busy licking the Queen’s inner thigh and special place to be worried about something so silly like doing her job as a trainer and helping her lose weight and stay healthy.

  • Stringer Bell


  • ninasum1

    she looks so old

    and that hairline is thinning!

    SMH @ her

  • Ms. Lovely

    “Because she quit her job as a trainer once she got married to King Tifah”

  • Ms. Lovely

    She is playing the wifey role now!

  • FE - 504 - FUM


  • Cage

    Dana cool peoples i met her a couple of times back when she was rappin (She used to hang in E. Orange a lot)…. She never cared about her size too much so they have to be payin her decent… Hope she stopped blazin all that ganja though; hard to lose weight wit the munchies on the reg

  • MDS

    is worthless except services she provides outside of weight management (of which there appears to have been none)

  • Raven

    …loves grabbing the rolls around her middle too damn much.

    This commercial was bordering on cheesy, especially the lighting. But kudos to Latifah getting paid to lose weight. Whoever her agent is should’ve received a bonus by now. She’s basically Will Smith at this point.

  • ninasum1

    @ CAGE

    um i dont think the ganj is the problem…

    i think she’s just a big girl

    (look @ miss badu—u know she’s a size 6

    and she’s always on the diesel)

    i cant stand her looking so girly—i prefered when she was a bit more ‘real’…she looks uncomfortable in this facade!

  • fillintheblank

    because her trainer “could not SUCK all the fat out of her.”

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