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kanye glow in the dark

Kanye West is featured on this artistic piece of promotion for the Glow In The Dark tour starring him Lupe Fiasco, Rihanna, and N.E.R.D.

All we can say is Ye likes to keep it creative.


  • Darth Paul


  • ayo

    this is in the us, now? his glow in the dark tour in europe was tight as hell, dont sleep on robots and trekkie nerds.

  • Get a clue

    OMG First!

  • Get a clue

    Awe…but I’m still in the top 3…and I love Kanye!

  • angel

    cool. many celebrities are interested in it. They are discussing it on so hot.

  • Raven

    Every since reading his site a week ago, my appreciation for this man has lessened a great deal. The man fills his blog with advertisements for thousand dollar, futuristic electronics and ish like he’ll earn a direct profit. It’s disgusting. No wonder his damn CD lost its luster after like 10 spins.

  • PrettyMissSunshine

    That picture is hot and very creative. Kayne was not playing when he said he was tryna take everybody spot no matter who!!! YOU GO BOY!!!! LOL ( Did I really just take it back to the 90’s) :-)


    i would be interested did they not put the wackness that is rihanna on the bill .. i cant stomach rihanna in a setting that i cant turn her down, or switch channels. (ew i just threw up in my mouth a little)

    @ RAVEN .. if you hate this man why you visiting his website?! and all celebs advertise its another way of lending their name to earn $$

  • Southern Belle 225

    I love it. Very creative. I am so proud of you Ye!




    C’mon now…u cant be dissin Lupe.. He is VERY talented, just not recongnized in the streets like Fiddy & the rest of dem loosers yall be listening to!!!

  • Htown

    I love Kanye…wish Neyo could join them on this tour!!!

    I’m dying to see them both in concert this year.

  • The Honorable Senator Craig

    Hmmm … the Force is strong with this Negro …

  • The One

    Will he be coming to ATL?

  • M. DOT

    To all of the naive folks…Rhianna and Lupe do have fans out there. A lot of people act like a tour roster is only supposed to cater to 1 demographic. No, the purpose is to bring as many fans to the arena as possible and entertain them.

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