Are You Feelin This Get Up??: Tonex

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Tonex BET Gospel

Tonex showed up to the BET Celebration of Gospel the other night wearing an interesting ensemble. Black and white checkered hat, sleeveless shirt, houndstooth arm warmers, and plaid capri pants topped off with a fat gold chain and a fuzzy scarf wrapped across his body…

More images from that event:

Tonex BET Gospel2Yolanda Adamsjohn legend bet gospelJesse Jackson ananda

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  • Bruh' Man


  • Bruh' Man


  • Lip Chap aka Fuzzy

    We already know the real on Tone X Next!

  • Lip Chap aka Fuzzy

    Ya’ll realize ya’ll about to get shut down right?

  • di-my-e

    WHAT THE FUZZBALLS??!?!?!?!?! And Kirk Franklin has on a college hoodie… lol

  • BlackGirlLost

    He looks confused…there is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much goin on with that outfit…and the sad part is that he probably really thought he was lookin good…lolololol!!!!!!


    I don’t understand why bootz thought it was appropriate for her to show up

  • Dick Chestnut

    Bootz? At the BET Gospel celebration? Dont tell me Kirk Franklin got Video Vixens(hoes) in his videos now. John P Kee ‘n’em!Hezekiah ‘n’em! Bootz ‘n’em!

  • Tinkerbella

    Boots looks so out of place. Who invited her? She dresses like shes attempting to look mature and presentable, but it doesnt work for her.

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)

    Yeah, why is Bootz wearing those tight a$$ pants to a Gospel Event?

    She has no home training, Hoodrat…

  • Lauren

    Not a good look, at all.

  • PaigeyWaigey


  • Southern Belle 225

    who is tonex?

  • PrettyMissSunshine

    @ Paigey, Lauren, and Southern Belle

    Morning Family!!! :-)

  • Southern Belle 225

    why is bootz even there? (looking like the hood rat she is)

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