Nas Tells Kelis: “Find Your Own Damn Money”

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This divorce ish is about to get real dirty between Nas and Kelis. How bad must things be if you’re not willing to help out the soon-to-be mother of your child.

Nas, one of the biggest and richest rappers around, does not want to pay his estranged, pregnant wife Kelis, a penny in spousal support.

Kelis filed for divorce April 30. She’s weeks from giving birth and unable to work, but no matter to Nas — he’s filed his response to the divorce, asking the judge to deny her the spousal support she’s seeking. For bad measure, he also wants her to pay her own lawyer’s fees.

Nas and Kelis both want joint custody of their unborn child.

Kelis cites “irreconcilable differences” for the divorce, but we’re told she believes he was cheating on her and that’s what buzz-killed the marriage.

This isn’t gonna end good at all.



  • rome a.k.a. (Fu#k! Da Diaz Bruddaz)

    once again!!!!!!!

  • Golden Goddess


  • rome a.k.a. (Fu#k! Da Diaz Bruddaz)

    it’s on :-)

  • rome a.k.a. (Fu#k! Da Diaz Bruddaz)

    @ golden

    exactly what I said when I saw your pic. what up

    boo? yeah I’m flirtin!

  • rome a.k.a. (Fu#k! Da Diaz Bruddaz)

    @ JB

    (in the voice of smokey) and you know this man!!

  • Toby

    i thought she had her own money….why go after his, all she needs is child support once that baby comes

  • me (the original)®

    Joint Custody…who’s going to have “physical custody” though? Probably Kelis. Which means Nas should pay something for child support.

    I think the better question is what’s the real reason behind the divorce. Is it solely just irreconcilable differences or did something more go on?

    Jury’s out at this point.

  • BlackFriday

    Spousal support for two years of marriage? Why the hell would she deserve that? Ho-support? GTFOH! Get a job like everybody else.

  • rome a.k.a. (Fu#k! Da Diaz Bruddaz)

    @ golden

    jus playin witcha didn’t mean to scare you off. :-)

  • l thomas

    Well if she believes he cheated, call a spade a spade. Nas will have to pay child support, unless he can prove he’s not the father. As far as spousal support, I don’t know if she can get that.

  • Jet

    If she filed for divorce then she should pay for her own lawyers. Also why should he pay support when she has money?

  • ValleyGirl

    They were so cute!

    I will not hate on Nas – he wants to raise his child jointly with her, just not set up his ex-wife with spousal support. That’s fair.

    She filed for divorce in California, which is a community property, no-fault divorce state – barring some other agreement, she is entitled to half of whatever he made during the marriage, proceeds from the sale of the martial home, and keep whatever he has given her as a gift. She’ll be fine without spousal support and should get a dang job.

  • Aboogie

    on another website it indicates that Nas wants full custody… if thats the true scenario he shouldnt give her ish
    Kelis getting royalties from somewhere chick is BOSSY, no?

  • Jet

    Bossy chicks shouldn’t have to ask for support.

  • waka waka

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! oh well, they both will be banging new folks if not right now then later tonight…
    good times

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