What’s Up With Dude’s Mouth?

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tpain fabolous

T-Pain and Fabolous shared a laugh at a party in NYC last night. Damn, something must have been really funny, and why the hell is Fabolous’ mouth bleeding like that???

More pics from the event:

amerie partytpain fabolous2ameriet-pain


  • Get a clue


  • diva

    Amerie is looking a lil Beyonceish in that pic. Must be the hair.

  • JAD


  • Cage

    I think its just another case of a really bad picture… BK stand up..

  • 1st Timer

    He probably had red Kool-Aid

  • Ms. Lovely

    Wish I had a joke.

    Dick Chesnut we need your help on this one.

    Ms. Lovely

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)

    That ni@@a look like he was chewing on some rocks…

    There’s lots of good dentists in New York…

  • jessica

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww my boo Fab still look good with his f*ed up mouth and all…

  • iluvprada

    Maybe he did is for a laugh…cause there is ‘NO’ way you could smile in my face and NOT know your grill anit right!


    Fabu needs to sell all them old, tired azz throw backs and get a proper dental checkup

  • iluvprada


  • da darkness

    amerie look like one of the rev. runs girls,

  • Rozza

    Looks like a red Kool-Aid smile. He should be able to get those teeth fixed. How are you supposed to be this great performer and have a mouth like a jack-o-lantern?

  • da darkness

    would she pose with sun if he didn’t make smash records? we will never know. hello

  • kiki

    damn….either he was sippin on some red kool aid or got a bad case of gingivitis. either way, not a good look fab. yuck!

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