Worry About Those Hairy Armpits

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kelly rowland shave2

Kelly Rowland speaks about Amy Winehouse and Kanye West:

On Amy:

“Things haven’t been easy for (Winehouse) lately. But people should let the music do the talking. She deserves to take home some silverware. People should get behind her in support now – my prayer for her is that she be herself and love herself without all the extras. But I won’t judge.”

On Kanye:

“People may see him go on stage and act cocky and arrogant but he’s just honest, like: ‘I’m good and I know I’m good.’ “What’s wrong with that I wouldn’t have (West’s song) Stronger as my ringtone if he wasn’t. In fact more artists should have a bit more of Kanye’s self-belief. I know I’d like to have a piece of that.”

Thanks for your two cents Kelly, but maybe you should be worrying more about hooking those underarms up with a Gillette blade or some Nair.

More pics of Kelly at an InStyle event last night:

kelly rowland shavekelly rowland shave1kelly rowland shave3


  • http://deleted keith.

    thats just triflin.she still looks beautiful with underarm hair.

  • Ms. Lovely

    She didn’t shave on purpose to get press. I bet money. She has been in the business long enough to know if you get caught out in a hot dress with hairy pits the media will jump all over it.

    Well what ever works.

    Ms. Lovely

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)

    Something smells funny…

  • Nicole

    I’m sorry, there’s nothing cute about armpit hair

  • Ms. Lovely

    To all the my brothers out there. How do men really feel about hair on a woman? I need to know.

    Ms. Lovely

  • jessica

    oh goodness, leave the girl alone


    that is very disgusting!! shave your damn armpits. matta fact, wax em

  • ladyj

    she still looks good. that dress is hot.

  • Kelly Rowland's Hairy Armpits

    Why ya’ll keep staring at me and don’t say nothing?

    Why ya’ll keep on shaking your head when you see me?

    Oh, now you don’t know nobody?

  • Momo

    Kelly there is no excuse for have Matthew Knowles in a head lock. And to think – I was on YOUR side.







  • msjlh

    if we have to be exposed to crotch and butt shots of beyonce we can certainly stand to see Kelly’s armpit hair.

    **going to fed-ex kelly some Nair**

  • Momo


    Naw girl that’s that fancy bra everybody’s talking about. LOL

  • Lyn

    Are you all sure those aren’t surgical scars?

    I thought she got implants then had them removed.

    They look like Keloid scars but the image is too small to see clearly.

  • Candiswtpea

    Please tell me someone altered this photo, bc this is just GROSS!

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