Who Wants 30 Years of The Bush and Clinton Families???

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We are not the only people not feelin the prospect of almost three decades of the Bush and Clinton families in power. The NY Post recently endorsed Barack Obama:

Obama represents a fresh start. His opponent, and her husband, stand for déjà vu all over again – a return to the opportunistic, scandal-scarred, morally muddled years of the almost infinitely self-indulgent Clinton co-presidency.

Does America really want to go through all that once again? It will – if Sen. Clinton becomes president.

They pretty much take our position. Click here to read why Bossip is using our influence with over 4 million monthly unique visitors to make sure this brotha gets the support he deserves.


  • Shan

    First! NY Post is not exactly the most reputable publication. What matters is how many votes he gets, not who endorses him.

  • http://www.blackpreneur.net blackpreneur


  • http://www.download-songs.org/artists/2/2/1/sade.jpg Phoebe

    Endorsements do matter. This is exactly why we are talking about them.

    GO OBAMA!!!

  • Ms. Lovely

    Oprah’s endorsement is the only one that matters.

    All hail Oprah.

    Ms. Lovely

  • http://www.myspace.com/150821702 Bankable P

    SMDH!! We will see what we see. I did register to vote though, so we’ll see.

  • da darkness

    y she want to be president to keep taking the jobs away from the US. check what she has done for NY her home state. look there’s a big ass hole in the ground still in Manhattan, come come what is she gonna do.

    OBAMA HE’S GOOD hello

  • Nessers

    I agree w/ Rigo, the only argument you present for voting for Obama seems to be the fact he’s black, and following that line of reasoning we wouldve voted for Jesse Jackson (SMH)…so, you should take some time to actually educate the people on your blog about the issues at hand, b/c at the end of the day the most important thing is to have educated voters.

  • 2peaces

    Bossup! Some people will never get it. This is a time to make history and bring the world together. Obama and Hilary bascially stand for the exact same principles. Except Hillary has a whole lot more markers out there that people will be calling in. Everybody wanted Hillary to run 4 year ago, but she knew she couldn’t win, so she let Bush get 4 more years. Everyone told Obama he wont win, but he had the courage to take on the world. That the kind of balls we need in the white/BLACK house. Obama and his wife’s winning will lift the black/white/pr/muslim/african profile and create for America a connection and conversation with the rest of the world.

  • Axelary

    black people i beg of you – register to vote and make a difference at the polls – OBAMA!!! if not, hillary clinton will have this one, then Jeb Bush, then Chelsea Clinton, then George P Bush [the latina nephew], — we MUST break the cycle!!!! now!

  • Kamee'

    For all you Clinton Supports please do your research. It pisses me of that black people are choosing to support the Clintons just c/ Bill played the Sax and got his wang sucked.

    I don’t understand why people wont support this intelligent and qualified man who was raised in a single parent home who worked his way to the top with on Polotical connections in sight.

    If you really think the Clintons are for equality and justice please do your research on Lani Guinier and the mis-treatment dealt to her from the Clintons.

    Knowledge IS power!

  • Stacey

    I am part of Texans for Obama, I live in North Texas, right at the Oklahoma line and you would be suprised with all the White volunteers that support Obama. Don’t believe for one second that “It’s a black thing you wouldn’t understand”. I get so many people under 25 that absolutely Love Obama. I am so inspired everyday.

    We’re not here to move over….We’re here to take over.

    Obama “08

  • daristar

    All of this is BS because regardless of who gets the nomination, he or she would be an absolute IDIOT not to choose the other as his/her running mate. So it will either be OBAMACLINTON’08 or CLINTONOBAMA’08 if they have any sense! Don’t let these news pundits and bloggers distract you from the bigger picture, which is ending this 8-year reign of terror that the Rebublicans have inflicted on society. But I voted for Obama in the primary, tho. :-)

  • serene

    As some one who lived in NY forever…..I know all about the post. If u don’t know about the NY Post, then do some research. I wouldn’t be doing cart wheels because the NY Post endorses me….. when i saw it this morning, i just htought those mofos is up to something

  • Kathy

    Rupert Murdoch, proprietor of NYpost & stench supporter of apartheid S.Africa now is a friend? – I ain’t feeling that.If supporting Obama means you’re that desperate – then you are destined to faul.

  • Nita

    @ Kamee’,

    preach. thank you.

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