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Diddy has a new reality show coming to VH1 in search of a new assistant. We’re sure he will have his contestants doing some crazy ass sh*t to show they have what it takes.

We, here at Bossip.com, are also taking applications. If you feel you would be a worthy contributor to Bossip’s Editorial Staff, please send a résumé and cover letter to careers@bossip.com.

Don’t worry we won’t have you running through New York to get a slice of cheesecake.

More info on the Bossip position under the hood…

If you are extremely funny, very reliable, have great writing skills, and a keen

interest in popular culture, please send resume for consideration. This position of Assistant Editor is a full-time salaried and work from home opportunity. Must be available to work M-F starting at 8 am.



    Interesting.. :)

    These are great opportunities for someone… just not me.

  • Astrid

    What happened to that plump girl he hired from YouTube videos who was on Oprah with him??

  • PrettyMissSunshine

    I couldn’t be his assistant cause he talks to and treats people like ish, and see a woman such as myself, would have to f Diddy ass up!! LOL He is very arrogant and ignorant, yall saw how he treadted Fonz Worth!!! :-)

  • MBoots

    I wouldn’t work for Diddy for ANY amount of money! This man has a rotten attitude towards people simply because he has money.

    Can’t stand him.

  • da darkness

    this dude is a star

  • PrettyMissSunshine

    And you guys know becasue it will be aired on TV, that he is going to be EXTRA, rude, crass, and ignorant. I’ll pass. I was going to audition for it, but I had to think about it, do I want my first chance at star-dom to be known as the girl who F Diddy up? :-)

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    To the topic at hand, who on earth would want to work for Puffy? He seems like a mean, arrogant, disrespectful a-hole. I believe that no matter how nouveau riche or old money you are, treat people/employees the way you’d want to be treated.

  • http://www.myspace.com/150821702 Bankable P

    SMDH!! I guess since he can’t make money on making good music, he’ll try making money on creating reality shows.

  • houston cutie

    ummmm…thats a no and a no…

  • Chillin @ Work

    I have to say- Ditty Swagger is just Crazy!! Makes him one hell of a wantable man

  • PrettyMissSunshine

    @ Chillin @ work

    Wantable?!? lol Classic!!! i JOKE i JOKE i KID i KID!!! :-)

  • OoooLaLa

    It’s not about the work people … It’s ENTERTAINMENT… and you must admit, this ish could be really funnny.

    I’ll watch… complain or not, that dude makes a lot of for those networks and himself.

  • PrettyMissSunshine


  • Ms. Lovely

    I would apply just so I could argue with him. I have not had any in so lonnnggg, I need a outlet for all my agression.

    Plus I want to see what his mama looks like without her wig.

    Ms. Lovely

  • …YenoH.NoreMac…


    my homeboy not his P.A no more


    see ya later Tommy PoPs!! X X X


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