Detroit Mayor Apologizes

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Scandalous Mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick apologizes for his wrong doings and the “Text Message Scandal”. That just sounds funny.

SMH at his wife sounding like she’s reading a script. Too bad he didn’t apologize to his Chief of Staff Christine Beatty for ruining her marriage and causing her to resign from her job.


  • Scarlett


  • The Man


  • Karen

    I applaud his wife for being such a strong woman and making the decision to stand by him. All I can do is hope that he really means what he say, he has repented to God and to his family and they can move on from this. That was a heck of a betrayal on his part, but who are we to judge. We all sin and fall short.

  • bree

    this is still a mess..if you insider’s from the last post have new info on the mess that is their life, please feel free to leave the details..although i am at work, i will periodically be stopping here through out the day for tickles..

  • Anjuan

    I hope that he can move on from this. I hate to see another black man trying to excel in a major leadership position being subject to negative media coverage. However, his story is another example of how, “it’s not the scandal, it’s the cover up”. If he had “manned up” earlier about his affair, then he wouldn’t be facing the fallout from lying under oath. I also agree that he owes Christine Beatty a public apology as well, but most people will forgive him for that as well. After all, “check the ho, not the pimp”.

  • Tonya

    Negro, please. You caused every single bit of the embarassment and shame. Next.

  • Hmm

    It was like watch Kobe and Vanessa Bryant’s public apology back in the day! lol!!

  • tboz

    she must be crazy sitting there next to dat fool.. why do women do that im not saying u gots to leave him but stay home and watch the news conference and act like u got some self respect. damn did he include u when the affair was going on …so why be included now?

  • Hmm

    It was like watch(ing) Kobe and Vanessa Bryant’s public apology back in the day! lol!! – right down to the hand holding – (Excuse the typo in the last post, too busy laughing to type properly…LOL!!)

  • Vick

    I live in Detroit. And all I want 2 know is;What is he apologizing for? Not once did he mention the reason for his apology.Detroit is well-known for the violence throughout different communities. This city is in waist deep debt with the Public Schools system, the economy, and countless other issues. But this man has a 500,000 home in Florida.

  • Bankable P

    I didn’t watch the video but I still don’t buy it. How can you have the nerve to say the “L” word (love), in several text messages, to another person but then come back and say ohh i’m sorry i didn’t mean it, i “love” my wife, etc, etc.

  • Bankable P

    i would love to see a press conference where the wife that was cheated on just acts “real” in the interview. Just get up off the couch and start cussing his butt out on national tv…..LOL!!


    Beatty and Kilpatrick ruined their own marriages…


    Damn… “See you at Work Tomorrow”..He made that statement strong

  • Axelary

    @Karen – hopefully, you’re NOT that stupid in real life [cyber life, people have internet balls] but really, he HAS BEEN cheating and she HAS KNOWN about it so, either they have an open marriage we aren’t privy to OR she really just wants to be the first lady – like those pastors wives that put up with everything so they can be called the ‘first lady’ – all scripted and all an attempt to gain sympathy for his soon removel from office! i don’t know who’s more the dummy, him for getting caught like a 12yr old or her for holding that hand that’s been everywhere but on her body SMH

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