Fountain of Youth

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Janet Jackson did some promo shots for her new album ‘Discipline’. She’s looking awfully youthful for a woman at the age of 41.

Damn, Janet is looking real good, we wonder what her secret is…



  • bree

    these pics look like they can be from 1987

  • da darkness

    Whose she gonna vote for? why she don’t got any kids? why is she still on the scene? why she ain’t had no smooth record and all her joints be uptempo she what 45, something ain’t right. imagine beyonce at 50 still going like beyonce at 25, illl. tina turner was the only one and will eva be, hello

  • goldyn


  • Miss Dee

    There are quite a few of us black women who look young for our age. Me being one of them, I do nothing to keep it that way, it just is.

    Maybe just MAYBE, this could be the case for Miss J too?

  • up2nogood

    Whatever, why she got to pull out the rockin chair. She is not old. Go Janet, do yo thang gurl.

  • TheTruthHurts

    Plastic surgery..nose, eyes, cheeks, chest…

    show a real beauty like angela bassett or stacey dash…



  • nika

    secret=plastic surgery

  • Aphatty


    Secret = Years of going under the knife….

    I love Janet, but she looke just like Mike.

  • Bankable P

    love you Janet!

    @ Miss Dee

    I co-sign. People still mistake me for being 20. When I go to buy liquor/tobacco products, I still get the double-take like “you could be old enough but let me see your id to make sure.”

  • Harlem Chic

    Janet has always been a cutie. It’s that smile and those cheeks. But let not pretend that this woman has not had access to family fortune pretty much ever since she was born. Despite her weird ass family; she is a Jackson. Money goes a long way in helping people look good.

    Thankfully she’s pretty unlike Wendy Williams who will continue to spend every paycheck to look even more busted and disgusted by way of plastic surgery.

    Janet looks good…but I’m not impressed with celebs like that….If I had a stylist, makeup artist, photoshopper, personal trainer, personal chef,dietician and otherwise a whole damn army to make sure I looked like the top of my game I’d look that way too….

  • Chillin @ Work

    Haters~~~ The woman looks good!!

  • VoiceOfReason

    Her secret is makeup and money

  • Nwachukwu

    Imagine.. that same set of Photoshop filters could theoretically make me look 10!

    *rushes to edit photo via PS*

  • justme

    ITS Called make up, and botox! not hatin though she look good none the less!

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