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Mary J. Blige was on the Tyra Banks show today and discussed many interesting topics such as wanting long silky Indian hair, Brazilian waxes, and having sex on an airplane.

View a clip of Mary on Tyra under the hood…

SMH at no one really feeling her on her dreams of Indian hair beauty…



  • JAD


  • meeeeee

    two “strong” black women with piss yellow hair. smh.

  • meeeeee

    somebody tell this ho that indians dont have blonde hair. and neither do black people

  • JAD

    What is the hype over Indian hair anyway?!?!?!

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)

    Tyra = Oprah Jr.

    Even copying Oprah’s “blue” set/stage…

  • Bohwe

    There is not one famous black woman that should ever open their mouths, keep that self-hatred attitude to themselves. I’m tired of it, “long silky indian hair”, didn’t she just say that she was loving who she was. And then she said something like that. But, then again we have to look at the fact that black men never praise black beauty, so thus their daughters will hate themselves. Back during the Civil Rights Era, Stokley Carmichael said, before he got upset with black people and took his wife to the Carribbean or Africa to live, that black fathers need to tell their black daughters that they are beautiful. This is the problem, and why black girls have low self-esteem and feel the need to change or to want to look other. If black men would stop thinking about their libido and other negativity, and focus on telling their daughters at a young age that they are beautiful black girls, that their skin is as beautiful as onyx, or that their hair is beautiful and thick, giving them pride, we wouldn’t have these problems. Our black girls walk around with no pride, because their male figures can’t say, your’e beautiful.

    It’s so disturbing that Mary and other black women feel the need to change because our own men HATE AND DESPISE US WITH A THOUSAND SUNS.And it’s the truth, because look at the music videos, all the girls are latina. And black men wonder why black women will give it up to a white man, who says all the right things.

  • da darkness

    the sistas really look good together. less of the weave of course, however ty and mary dat was a good look. mayb one day we can see the mary who is mary and not the celeb and ty you to

  • NY2CaliLvn

    Its time for tyra to change the weave perhaps go natural for a while then continue to beat us in the head with this tired ass style

  • da darkness

    the sistas really look good together. less of the weave of course, however ty and mary dat was a good look. mayb one day we can see mary and ty with black hair not portraying the celeb, ya mean

  • TJ

    Why are people still watching Tyra Banks. I thought we all agreed her 15 minutes were up.

  • NY2CaliLvn

    thats the problem with being all tatted up when u dress up u look crazy beautiful gown great flawless make up inked out of control arms and legs mary please do something about that u b killin me softly

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)

    And ya’ll wonder why she (Tyra) can’t keep a man…

    This broad is a “nut”, she forever be asking her guest (no matter how respectable the person is) oddball questions and be acting wierd = forever grabbing her guest private parts (a$$ & tits)…

    If this is how she acts normally (doing & saying – crazy & wierd stuff) how you think she gonna act when she gets upset…

    And plus what man could deal with kind of behavior on the regular?

    *But in her defense she didn’t grow up normally – during her formative years she was traveling the world doing the modeling thing…

    Oh yeah, But to keep it all the way real, I’d still hit it because crazy girls are good in bed and also because she’s phat a$$ s#it…



  • Amy

    Love yourselves as God created you

  • Jubeisan

    Most blackmen can tell their daughters they are beautiful because most of them these days are mixed anyway.

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