Taye Diggs Can’t Get His Groove Back

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After losing his fan base sometime after How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Taye Diggs just can’t seem to get it right. ABC just canceled Day Break due to poor ratings. Previously, the UPN show Kevin Hill which starred Taye Diggs was canceled as well.

Taye probably lost some of his fan base when he said this to Rolling Out Magazine::

“What [black women] were happy about was that [Mendes’ character in Hitch] wasn’t white; she was Latina,” Diggs explains when asked why Will Smith’s role in the film didn’t draw as much cultural ire as some of the choices he’s made on- and off-screen. “That’s what they were happy about, if we’re gonna be real. That’s how the scale goes. First off, if it’s a dark brother and the dark brother isn’t with a dark sister that causes issues. … After that, if you’re going to date outside the race, then they go down the list of how poorly other minorities have been treated after blacks. [So] after that, you have Latino. … Like, I’ve had people say that about my wife: ‘At least she looks Spanish.’ Like that makes it a little bit better. So that’s why people accepted it. If Will Smith had been with a lily-white woman, it would’ve been a completely different situation in the black community as far as females are concerned. I guarantee you that.”

Did he get these wacky theories at Syracuse? Sounds like he got that stuff from a therapist. Click here for why some folks just think Taye is “corny”.


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