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mj kids

Michael Jackson’s kids, Paris and Prince or “Blanket”, were spotted in Vegas where they currently reside sans facial masks. We can’t even remember the last time we’ve seen their faces if ever. They must look like Debbie.

Fill in the Blank: Michael Jackson __________________ to produce these children.


  • Lauren

    1ST….I LOVE MJ!!!!!!!!!

  • ...YenoH.NoreMac...


  • da darkness

    Them kids look like some monkeys. Oh my bubbles helped produce the kid aahhhahhhahhhh lol nah let me stop. MJ is fuced word. Don’t want to be a celeb, nope!

  • kamee'

    MJ DID NOT PRODUCE THESE CHILDREN…..he probably paid her to have them….

    skin disease or not, you can’t stick yo nicca dick (think about his family genes) in a white woman, and make white babies….. just does’t happen.

  • mayrose

    Who cares it? Just want to date a rich man on Richkiss.c om. So many certified millionaires there. Let me have one. The rich, just come on, to kiss me! haha…

  • J

    Michael Jackson used someone else’s sperm to produce these children.

  • Raven

    …found a really desperate, homely white couple

    Does he even know what sperm is? Does he have any left?

  • Dick Chestnut

    These are obviously Michaels kids. How do I know? Because he said they were. Michael Jackson made Thriller….Thriller! How can you not trust the man who’s made Thriller, carried a grown Webster around like a baby, beat numerous molestation cases, had a pet monkey named Bubbles and calls wine “Jesus Juice”. Do those sound like characteristics of a liar? No. So you ask “why are the kids so white”? Its simple. Vitiligo. Apparently it affects the sperm and its ability to reproduce pigment as well as destroy all ready existing pigment. This kids are clearly half black.

  • Axelary

    you’re right RORO, he does have three kids … the girl is decent it’s just that boy who looks like bubbles half seed – and dealing with mk’s crazy azz, anything is possible

  • Stringer Bell

    lol @ Dick Chestnut **no homo**

    But seriously…thoughs kids are white like a fresh snow in UTAH

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    to be honest I don’t think these are his bilogical kids…

  • MrsGrapevine

    Well, prince looks just like his daddy. I guess the saying is true about people spending so much time together that they look alike. I know he can’t possibly have any of MJ’s DNA.

  • andie

    Those can’t be his babies! I had to do a double-take. There’s nothing biracial about those kids. Michael is black contrary to popular belief and one part black and one part white makes 1/2blackand1/2white. 1 part biracial!!!!!

    That’s basic math!

  • bree

    although i don’t believe these are his biological kids..prince resembles michael in his facial structure

  • lovely and amazing

    Listen, I have seen some really white looking biracial children but I am not buying these as MJ’s kids. There is refelection of him at all. None. The biracial black singer Ben Harper (I think he’s a son of one of the Temptations) and his wife who the white blonde and blue eyed actress Laura Dern have white looking children but they still reflect their dad’s black hertiage. same with Dave Chapelle whose kids look Asian but still refelect their dad. Heidi Klume is a white and German and her kids with Seal refelect their black heritage. What is wrong with Michael Jackson? Could he be so self-hating and demented that not even a superbright kid is good enough for him. These are Debbies kids with donor sperm. Ok, like Michael Jackson would want to reproduce himself. He hates himself. I’m sorry, even in the real white blonde light eyed straight haired and pointy nosed biracial children, you can see the black even if just a hint. These are not Michael Jackson’s biological kids.

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