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hot pink bikini

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  • Pedsdmd

    I’d hit it….LOL

  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    Wow…damn shame what they did to that dog.

  • goldyn

    i just threw up in my mouth :o( back to work TGIF

  • da darkness

    she’s not even comfortable and she ain’t wearing any clothes, ladies don’t be wearing that ghetto stuff if you weighing and going to look as such. please there are indecency laws, she’s about to get hymmed up word

  • elle

    i hear that girl, imagine the back shot.

    love thyself

    but what’s the blue fabric?

  • Smartie

    Well at least she’s modest enough to cover up with the mesh shirt. Her maxi pad DOES look like it’s trying to runaway though.

  • Damn


  • Angie

    Gross. Just gross.

  • Dick Chestnut

    I see nothing wrong with this picture. At her size Im sure clothes are more of a burden than a comfort. Imagine having arms the size of legs and legs the size of trees and a mid section fit for a small seal, you would want to wear as little clothing as possible also. And we haven’t even seen her backside. Its totally unfair to deprive this woman of the comfort that we all seek when getting dressed in the morning just because her body is an eye sore. I congratulate you my ill-built, mis-shapen obese nubian sex symbol. Get your comfort on!


    Why/how is this acceptable?


    Her purse wants to die under the pressure.

    Mr. Chestnut I can always count on you!!!

  • pretty girls rule

    off the subject but is anyone feeling how 50 cent ”kicked” paris hilton ”down”well i know i am……………lmao


    @ PGR…

    That was embarrassing as h*ll!!!

  • Grace


  • SBM

    lol wtf is that blue thing?? where was this taken?? lol sadly you can find this type of foolishness in any hood…the lime green coochie shorts with stretch marks appearing at every move, tattoos on the lower leg, on the thigh and of course the arm…lol man wtf do people be thinkin??

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