Is She on Rocks Like Everyone Else in Hollyweird????

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Eva Mendes reps announced she is currently in rehab for a “substance abuse” problem.

We don’t know if she is on that sh*t but Hollyweird is leanin’ on rocks real hard right now. SMH.

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  • Octavia

    WHHHAATTTT???! Never woulda thunk it. At least she is woman enough to admit it and not claim “exhaustion.” lol

  • needed to be said

    i doubt its rocks…. hell, i doubt she’s addicted to anything. she needs some publicity





  • Ibn

    I hope its not rocks, she is too pretty to destroy her looks…

  • victory is mine

    too bad….im glad she is getting herself together before it gets worse

  • SBM

    i knew it! in Fast and the Furious 2 she was fine, now she looks like Hillary Swank…damn shame, i knew some thing was up and this makes sense…

  • I'm Just Me

    Well I am glad she is getting the help she feels she needs..unlike Lindsey and Britney that are forced check-ins and quick to checkout….I don’t know if it is rocks though? AHHH who knows…

  • Bsquared

    its alcohol abuse.

  • Bird

    I’m glad to hear she is getting help. I hope everything works out for her.

  • Tealeaf

    She looks mannish especially in the jawline , but good she is getting help…every since Heath Ledger died, everyone and their cousin in Hollywood is getting rehab.

  • ThatTouchOfPink

    She didn’t even have to tell anyone . . .I wouldn’t have known. It’s not like I have been looking at her suspecting anything!

  • Cyrious

    dayum not her but hey we all aint perfect

  • Grace

    I think people will be surprised how many celebs in Hollywood are coke heads. Just because you see someone put together does not mean they are together. There are a team of stylist that make sure these people are red carpet ready no matter much coke they snorted the night before.

  • Southern Belle 225

    dammit EVA!

  • Velle

    NOOO not my baby! damn i have to make to hollywood so i can save my baby!

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